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I have been asked, “Why would you buy a marijuana site?” The answer is not simple. We wanted to keep the site alive, but we wanted it to go forward in a way that we feel is unique. We felt we must give back to the cannabis community. But there is another, much more personal reason… Recently, I watched a member of my family die from cancer.

He was denied the help and comfort our herb could have provided him in his last days. This had a profound impact on myself and my family. It was a pivotal point in my life. If by doing this I can help even one person in this world to avoid that kind of suffering, then I will do it. It must be done since our inaction is killing people slowly and painfully. Our inaction allows many of them to languish in prisons all over the world. It is about our humanity, and what we choose to do with it.

Our concept is simple: open up the site to gather knowledge and promote the legalization of our healing herb. We will share that information with any site or person that wants it. One of our goals is to encourage other sites to do the same. We live in a fast-paced world. On hundreds and hundreds of cannabis sites, we have all seen the same idea: Legalize it! We wish to create a joining of all sites of our genre in the future. It stands to reason that if we have a common problem, we should combine our strengths and fighting skills to Legalize our Herb Worldwide. It makes absolutely no sense to fight each other. We are all on the same side.

But what is said is far different from what is done. Site wars, flaming and juvenile behaviour give us all a bad image. I have been accused of spamming, had posts pulled… out of fear? Skepticism? Mistrust? All of the above? The message is simple. We all have to work together to Legalize Worldwide and share wisdom and knowledge about our herb. Cannabis users are seen as the old stereotype of the lazy, longhaired hippie. But we are not just that. We encompass every walk of life. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, students, every and any person. We are not just a “type” any longer. We must endeavor to change this impression and we cannot do this if we, as a group, cannot work together.

What we propose to do is cut through the drama and politics and get it back down to what this is really all about — sharing our Knowledge with each other and making cannabis available legally to everyone that needs it. Medical Marijuana has proven a lifesaver for huge numbers of people. But time and again, I hear of people not getting approval for medical use, or not having the information to pass to their doctors. Some are arrested for using this non-toxic herbal medicine, and this does not even touch on the recreational users thrown in jails all over the world for smoking a little bit of bud. Nor does it tell of the families torn apart, lives destroyed and property “legally stolen” because of this prohibition based on racism and greed. Cannabis prohibition has created a world of fear and paranoia. It doesn’t have to be this way. If we work together we can change this, just through sheer numbers.

Recently I was invited to come help growers at another site, Cannacare, to share my skills and knowledge. Seeing that we had some information that could be well used there, I shared what we had with them. Upon further contemplation, a new idea grew among the members and staff, which they are now transforming into reality. Below is a quote from their “code monkey” about one of their first planned projects. Much respect to Steve, Elkonmylawn, and all the other staff at Cannacare and Sentry for being so open to do this sharing. This is what it is all about: It was inspired by the list of medical links that Storm Crow (aka Granny) has so diligently maintained over the years.

The goal of the project is to make a resource available online that will allow patients to very quickly and easily find articles and studies regarding cannabis which are relevant to their particular medical conditions. So, for example, a patient could quickly and easily click a few buttons and find themselves presented with a list of regular Joe-level resources about how cannabis affects arthritis. It will also give the patient hardcore scientific data that they can refer to their physician — and that might save someone’s life someday! That’s why this project is so important to us. Not only could such a resource be valuable for patients, but it could also be a boon for medical and legal professionals, as well as anyone interested in broadening their horizons on the subject of medicinal marijuana. It is intended to be community-powered, so there’s no telling what form it might end up taking.

That’s the fun part of all this. We’re creating a resource that is seeded with some data. But, the lion’s share will come after that, when people start submitting new links and volunteering to be editors and evaluators. Then, we’ll really see what’s going on! When it is finally online, the general public will be able to submit links and Granny’s List will grow and grow! The way it’s designed, it will always be easy to navigate and, since it’s a custom application, it’s screaming fast! We really think the world needs a resource like this and we’re enjoying making it a reality.

This will be the first project created by our cooperatively sharing of ideas. I can see the possibility of many, many projects. In this global Internet world, everything and everyone is as close as a click of a button. If there is a way to help many, don’t we have an obligation to do this? We have been reaching out our hand in friendship to other sites and the majority of those sites are ready for this. In so doing, we have offered our site, as a host for all to come and talk to each other. We have a forum devoted to this sharing of ideas, the Cannabis Activist Idea Interchange. We can offer to be the catalyst for this action but we cannot do all the action. It is up to all of us to join in and cooperate with each other to progress this fight to legalize and share information. Our hand is open and waiting. We are, indeed, just a little site, and many others have said what we propose is not possible. I believe it is. We just have to dare to do it. So we will indeed be “The Little Site That Could”.

To Life, J-angel

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