Treating Yourself Joins Forces With CCBE Expo for Cannabis Patients in Toronto Nov. 22-24 2019

Treating Yourself CCBE EXPO November 22-24 in Toronto

Treating Yourself Invites All Worldwide Medical Marijuana Exhibitors and Patients to Attend the CCBE EXPO in Toronto.

Treating Yourself (“TY”), also known as The Alternative Medicine Journal, is pleased to announce it has joined forces with Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo (“CCBE”) to invite medical cannabis exhibitors and patients to the CCBE Expo event happening at the Exhibition Grounds, Queen Elizabeth Building in Toronto on Nov 22-24, 2019.

Early Bird & VIP Tickets:

“I would like to invite everybody from the Treating Yourself family to come down to the CCBE show in November and participate as Exhibitors and Attendees.” said Marco Renda, the Founder of Treating Yourself.

“We believe this collaboration with CCBE will help medical marijuana patients access top quality education, information and products, especially from grass-roots community entrepreneurs, which we deeply support.”

About Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo (CCBE) 

CCBE Expo Toronto, Exhibition Place Nov 22-24th 2019

The CCBE event runs Friday, Saturday and Sunday bringing together like-minded industry professionals working in all aspects of the Cannabis Industry. On display will be 1000’s of new products and services offered by exhibitors, including three days of jam-packed seminars and workshops. It’s a a great way to learn about the latest happenings in the industry. General admission tickets are only $20 so it’s highly accessible to the public by design. 

Visit CCBE Expo:

TY Expo – Medical Marijuana Hemp Expo Circa. 2010-2014

About Treating Yourself & TY Expo

Treating Yourself was first established in 2002 to provide medical marijuana users with information to assist in the safe use of medical marijuana, from acquiring seeds to growing their own or purchasing product from government approved sources. The Treating Yourself brand was extended in 2003 to include the Treating Yourself Magazine, which now has forty-two back-issues already in print. During 2010-2014 TY EXPO represented a series of international cannabis trade shows, hosted in Toronto, catering to Medical Marijuana Access Patients from all around the globe.

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Sales & Past Contributor Inquiries:
Marco Renda, TY Founder
Treating Yourself

Media & Business Inquiries:
Andrew Shaw, Founder & President
Twenty One Ton™
#1-124 Milner Ave.
Toronto ON  M1S 3R2
P: 416-697-2728

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Join us at the Event! We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Don’t forget to use Promocode: TYEXPO to get an EXCLUSIVE Treating Yourself VIP Party invitation (sold separately).

What’s the TY VIP Event Line-up?

Treating Yourself is hosting an invitation-only VIP evening entertainment program during the Nov. 22-24 period, at a private off-site event venue.

VIP’s will be treated to a nightly line-up of top talent including a Friday night comedy show & cabaret, Saturday night dance party and live music, and Sunday Awards show.

Thursday Nov 21st 2019 – All-Day TY VIP Check In – 8am-9pm
You will receive VIP Event location information at check-in at the EXPO event, or by visiting the TY booth on opening day.

Friday Nov. 22nd 2019 – VIP Comedy Show
Show Starts @ 9:00 PM-11:00 PM, location information will provided at check-in.

Saturday Nov. 23rd 2019 –  VIP Judges Cup Party & Mixer
Party Starts @ 9:00 PM-12:00 AM, location information will provided at check-in.

Sunday Nov. 24th 2019 – VIP Cup Awards Presentations Starts @ 3:00 PM – 4:30PM, Awards Ceremony & Grand Prize Draw(s) will be live-streamed from the CCBE Expo Show Floor.

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Enter The TY Judges Cup

*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The TY VIP Party & Judges Cup is a private event organized by Treating Yourself and is not affiliated with CCBE Expo, its management or organization. Attendees to the TY VIP Party acknowledge and accept it is a wholly separate event accessible by private invitation only. CCBE Expo and it’s assigns and affiliates accept no liability for off-site private events. Tickets for the TY VIP Party are sold separately. For all information about the TY VIP Party please contact TY at


Cannabis Consumer & Business Expo (CCBE) is coming to Toronto Exhibition Place November 22-24 2019.

CCBE Seminars & Speakers

Interested in Exhibiting?

See the following Exhibitor links to standard form(s) and application(s).

Friday, Nov 22, 23, 24 2019
Check-in & Registration 8 am – 9 am

Interested in Attending?


Use Promocode: TYEXPO to Get the Exclusive TY VIP Party Invitation!

The CCBE Event is an environment where patients, growers, businesses and consumers can learn and share information about the cannabis industry.

History of Treating Yourself Expo

The Annual Treating Yourself Expo was hosted in Toronto before recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada.

TYEXPO was first created to provide licensed medical users with information to assist them in their responsible use of medical marijuana.

Catering to an eclectic mix of local and international medical cannabis patient populations – TY EXPO was by far the most international medical cannabis trade show in the World.

Featuring Doctors and Medical Science Experts, Community Thought Leaders, Advocacy Groups, Patients, Legal & Law Enforcement Experts, Keynote Presentations, The TY Growers Cup, Glass Blowers & Vendors, Music & Artists, On-Site Vapor Lounge – And a Harbor Boat Cruise… It was the gathering before the storm in terms of Cannabis Culture emerging into the mainstream- through the lens of weed as an acceptable and effective form of medicine, which it is.

But don’t just take our word for it – Checkout this collection of YouTube video’s posted by TY EXPO attendees and media outlets alike from the earliest days of Cannabis normalization.

To see more videos from TY Expo visit this link.

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