Treating Yourself Expo

The Annual Treating Yourself Expo was hosted in Toronto before recreational cannabis was legalized in Canada.

It was created to provide licensed medical users with information to assist them in their responsible use of medical marijuana.

Catering to an eclectic mix of local and international medical cannabis patient populations – TY EXPO was by far the most international medical cannabis trade show in the World.

Featuring Doctors and Medical Science Experts, Community Thought Leaders, Advocacy Groups, Patients, Legal & Law Enforcement Experts, Keynote Presentations, The TY Growers Cup, Glass Blowers & Vendors, Music & Artists, On-Site Vapor Lounge – And a Harbor Boat Cruise… It was the gathering before the storm in terms of Cannabis Culture emerging into the mainstream- through the lens of weed as an acceptable and effective form of medicine, which it is.

But don’t just take our word for it – Checkout this collection of YouTube video’s posted by TY EXPO attendees and media outlets alike from the earliest days of Cannabis normalization.

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