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I have been involved in the Medical Marijuana community here in California for a while. At many of the shows and events I have run into a group of girls calling themselves “The 420 Nurses” and I must say they are at almost every show I am at, and even some I am not.

They are at these shows and events as activists and models, both promoting medical marijuana and dressing like some of the sexiest nurses a person could have. They mix their love of marijuana with their love of modeling and get out there in the streets and at the events to promote products and bring attention to legalization efforts and other causes. We were fortunate enough to get a chance to talk with the woman in charge, ChaCha VaVoom.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today. Can you tell our readers who you are.

ChaCha: Sure, my name is Chacha VaVoom CEO President of 420nurses

So how did you come up with the idea for “The 420 Nurses”?

ChaCha: I wanted to create a safe home for motivated girls who love to take pictures, promote and do activist work for the community. The 420Nurses was born Halloween night 2009 in Hollywood California where I  took my girlfriend for a fun night out. I remember we dressed in sexy nurse costumes with a touch of marijuana accessories, 420 + Nurses. We were approached by every- one and asked who we were? “We represent ourselves as promotional models” we answered. From then on we had promoters always invite us back as 420 nurses to host pro- motional LIVE events dressed as “The 420 Nurses”. I knew from then on our group of promotional models  would have a NAME for ourselves, not only a presently growing brand, but now a MOVEMENT!

How does someone become a 420 Nurse and what exactly do the 420 Nurses do?

ChaCha: To become a 420 Nurse you must be a female that is 18+ years old, and then you must sign up to the website & then you must purchase an intern kit. The official 420 Nurses vote as a group for the next 420 Nurse. Here are some tips to become a official

420 Nurse, you must be consistent, motivated and an active member, both online and physically, by always pro- moting yourself as a 420 Nurse. We are here to AID your marketing need, so we are continuously growing with our community through pictures, videos, events, volunteer work , social networking and more .

How have you made changes since the time it has began?

ChaCha: The 420 Nurses have gone through many changes, primarily on the website from serving as a private membership community to a FREE social network for mod- els, photographer’s, makeup artist, fans and business. A person can find green jobs under CASTING CALLS.

You also can add your business for FREE. This is a golden value to anyone who wants to boost their exposure to increase and help build their network.

Everyone encounters obstacles in their lives, what have been some that you have run into?

ChaCha: Being in this industry I have encountered many obstacles with the 420 Nurses. Having a successful online business is tough. The 420 Nurses have been banned from services like PAYPAL and have been forced  to outsource our transactions for because we use key words such as MARIJUANA. The problem exists only because cannabis is still federally illegal, therefore banks DO NOT want to help business like mine to process online payments. I DO NOT CULTIVATE OR SELL OR GROW MAR-

IJUANA! I’m forced to outsource.

There are always certain events and things that go better than others, what have been your favorite moments?

ChaCha: Building relationships with every event are the most rewarding moments. My most favorite is medicating with other people with positive growing energy in this industry! We never want to miss a moment J.

You also frequently have some private parties, with all women guests, what can you tell us about those?

ChaCha: What I can tell you about the private parties is that they are for women 18+, we host them locally mostly in Los Angeles CA with 420 smoke, bongs, pipes, pictures, good times, videos and well so much that goes on in one night alone! The comfort of being with a beautiful smok- ing hot girl is priceless and Is a beautiful thing. Being able to enjoy the beauty about being a woman with other women who love to smoke, take pictures and enjoy each others company is a great experience.

What can you tell us about things that happen behind the scenes?

ChaCha: We are always online, taking fun pictures and enjoying the best of life with those private moments that connects us at a deeper level. We create a beautiful envi- ronment where a girl can be a girl and they are encourage to shine for the beautiful person she is. They are given all the tools, including the physical support we give each other, to be successful and motivate each other to succeed for the people we work with.

I see that you do so much for your girls, and that is a wonderful thing, but it seems geared only toward a specific lifestyle. People want to know, so I am going to just come right out and ask. Are the 420 Nurses also promoting a gay and/or les- bian lifestyle? Have you run into any problems in relation to this or just the assumption that this is the case?

ChaCha: The 420 Nurses are a community with all types  of women, not necessarily promoting any specific sexual preference such as a gay or lesbian lifestyle. I have not run into a problem regarding my personal choice of lifestyle aside from raised eye brows coming from family, friends and the few from the general public. The assumption is naturally done since you see more of my lifestyle online possibly.

Do you ever have any parties with no discrimina- tion where both men and women are invited?

ChaCha: My party’s always include both genders, there is nothing discriminatory about my personal parties. My invites are generally towards woman since its being hosted in the privacy of my home however we do have other staff members of all genders that contribute to the building blocks of the 420 Nurses through development and pro- duction.

How about the latest news from the battle lines, any recent protests?

ChaCha: Our latest Protest was against Ace Hardware in Long Beach on September 21, 2012. The 420 Nurses joined along with groups from NORLM of Los Angeles and people from all the over, from all sizes, color, and genders all making a difference in support of MMJ Dispensaries and patients. We were in at the front lines in a peaceful battle, we were Anti- ACE Hardware Tool Store in Long  Beach who discriminates against Medical Marijuana Clinics and Patients. Cheri Sicard at NORML Women’s Alliance of Los Angeles Comments “Trent Barnes Property Owner of Ace Hardware is NOT a Friend. This man sells INTOLERANCE in a Hardware Store. ACE The HATEFUL PLACE. At least in LONG BEACH. Please BOYCOTT them!” We were there in support of SAFE ACCESS for Patients and make sure peo- ple understand these are clinics, a solution for healers NOT DEALERS!

TY: We know you are always active in the community, are there any plans for events you can let our readers in on? ChaCha: I can tell you that this marijuana industry is growing for the whole world. With so many conventions com- ing, party’s to attend, holidays to celebrate and more we need you to always keep an eye out for upcoming events on the site along with our beautiful NEW 420 interns join- ing us everyday only on

How should people contact you if they want to be a 420 Nurse?

ChaCha: OUR HOME is Create a  FREE profile and if you have any direct questions feel free to CONTACT ME by email CALL ME 818-649-9409 (480)420-NURS 6788

It was great talking with ChaCha from the 420 Nurses. I have heard many things about how their company and website worked but the best way to get the true facts is to talk directly to the people involved. Seems to me that the 420 Nurses do a ton of activism and promotion for the medical marijuana community and that can’t be a bad thing. Personally I like the way they dress and I think it is good for helping to attract more ladies. I really would like to see more girls inspired to come take part in the shows and events, even if they don’t go all out the the sexy extent the nurses do, there is a great time to be had at the shows and more women usually means more fun. There is also a huge movement in women’s marijuana related products, and the ladies have helped to promote that for sure. There are all kinds of awesome glass and metal jew- elry hitting the shelves and also a bunch of clothing, also skin products and other things that ladies love and need.

Not to mention there are all kinds of opportunities for models and that is why ladies should be checking out the 420 Nurses website and getting started finding where they can fit in. I look forward to seeing more and more of you 420 friendly ladies at all of the events having a great time and enjoying the dream lifestyle we get to live here in what has become one of the best places in the world for marijuana.

Thank you again to the 420 Nurses for taking the time to talk with us for the magazine. It was enlightening to hear how they are involved in the community and have open arms for any like minded individuals. If you are a girl more interested in becoming involved I hope this will help point you in the right direction. Maybe you have been thinking about a new job or a new path and this will give you a chance at something you never thought  possible.  However you can use it, I hope this has helped the people who have had a chance to read it. If you enjoy these arti- cles, follow me @Professor420 on Twitter for more per- sonal stories & behind the scenes details  & pictures  from my articles, including things that don’t make it in the mag- azine, and get them as they happen live. We have a new website for high end art including func- tional glass, Also don’t forget to check out my latest product Rig Rags, for cleaning your glass and metal dabbers, and for basic oil rig cleanliness. Take it easy, have fun, don’t believe the hype! Find success and make it work for you. Good luck.

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