A lone Jedi Warrior is searching for a way to conquer the Dark Side run by the Empire of the Thugs.

A single Jedi Night standing up to the Empire valiantly leading a rag tag band of Cannabis Warriors Bravely through the fog of ignorance, stupidity and greed. Awakening all who make contact with this magnetic personality by merely being caught up in the vapor trail that his passing has left behind in his wake.

I use this analogy because of the symbolism and position some one who has transformed their life to serve as a door opener to those in need has manifested in this life- time.

This is the Path, the Way that has had to become the manifest destiny of all of us who are front line to this war against our Constitutional rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Which in the face of pain,  Happiness is one breath away.

The fundamental drive behind this face of responsible dispensing, is to prove in action that this herbal medicine that was at the heart of nearly every Patent medicine at the turn of the last century, is relieving suffering and cre- ating a safe alternative, to dangerous narcotics and their serious impacts on health and society.

Can we say that a reality show will catch the nature of these peaceful warriors in this War, which is on the backs of the suffering in our society?

There has always been the sensational associated with the whole topic of Cannabis, aka  Marijuana,  since  Hearst  and his media empire sought to demonize it, to cut out the competition to his ally Dupont’s newest fiber, Nylon and all its subsequent cousins.

Under the guise of attacking a narcotic, in two and a half hours of testimony and deliberations, the Marijuana Tax stamp act was created, which made it illegal to grow, pos- sess, or transport, any Cannabis in the US.

Hemp growers and many users of all the different  parts of this plant including the Patent Medicine Industry were not aware of, or consulted about, their use of this plant.

Seeds and stalk were exempted, as the Swine industry and Birdseed providers used the seed as a prime and necessary ingredient.

The reality of every business, Cannabis, or Coffee for that matter, have a culture and clientele associated with it, that are the supporters of every sector of the worlds economy. In a reality show about a business with such a huge clientele, there is at first a fascination and passion as an employee, [which never fades], however like every job it is work, it is Responsibility and in this case, it is True Compassion that drives all those who work at this dispensary.

Discovery has given a window to the world, demysti- fying the mystique that has surrounded this world of “Weed”.

As an Activist my prayers are for a Compassionate world to have their opinions changed by seeing this most miraculous example of bravery in the face of the huge might of possible Federal intervention daily hanging over their heads.

My personal appreciation for the hearts of these devoted troops, keeps me writing and sharing the bravery and humanity associated with all who have created the example for the world to see that is the Harborside Collective!

Let us hope, as my dear colleague has pointed out to me, that their last episode does not have them all  being walked out in handcuffs by the federal Storm Troopers. Who every day look more  and more  like the Storm Troopers in the Classic movie Star Wars.

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