Ver-glow vapor pipe

By skunk-mad

We all know that vaporizing  our medication is a much safer option than burning our medicine, so when I came across the new 100% all glass Ver-glow vaporizer I was intrigued. There are hundreds of vaporizers on the market today but they all work with the same principle, which is to heat your medicine until the active chemicals boil and vaporizes creating vapor which is safer than smoke. Vaporization  occurs between 140o(c)-200o(c) so  I do recommend that you get a torch type lighter as you will need it to heat your all glass vaporizer to optimal temperatures.

Here is some specific information on the ver-glow vaporizer pipe.

Ver-Glow vapor pipe is a 100% all glass – glass on glass vaporizer hand pipe!. Ver-Glow offers the purist vapors, since it doesn’t contain metals, ceramics or plastics. Ver- Glow provides the convenience of pure portability with no electric cords or batteries needed. Furthermore, Ver- Glow comes in a Vatra hard carrying case for added pro- tection. Insert the small glass pellet into the Ver-Glow fol- lowed by the medicine, then insert the diffuser heat sink and apply heat to enjoy the purist vapors. The glass pel-

let provides further filtration. Moreover, the collection chamber is specially designed to cool the vapors in order to acquire the right taste and aromas from Ver-Glow vapor glass pipe.

When I got the Ver-glow I thought no way will this work like a battery powered vaporizer but it does. Don’t get me wrong it does take some playing around with to get it to perform in optimal conditions but all good things take some getting used to. The major problem for me was heating my product up but once I got a torch lighter it worked perfectly. It is 100% glass & more than that  a very beautiful addition to anyone’s collection. I have been using the Ver-glow for over 2 week’s now and I will  not be swapping back to a pipe for several reasons.

  1. From a 0.2g fill I can get around 10 good vapor clouds
  2. The Ver-glow produces a very clean vapor which gives off the full flavor and taste of my medicine
  3. Vaporization is just a healthier option, no smoke mean’s less harmful carcinogens which has got to be a good thing.

The Ver-glow vapor pipe is available in 2 sizes 14mm and 18mm and they both come in a robust carry case to keep your Ver-glow vapor pipe safe.

As I looked further into the Ver-glow Glass Company I found out that they also make some excellent 14mm and 18mm attachments, bowl’s and pipes all out of glass with some excellent colors mingled in. The main attachment I found useful is the Ver-glow vaporizer attachment. This is made for any water pipe (bong) with either a 14mm or 18mm stem. The vaporizer attachment work’s with the same premise as the Ver-glow vaporizer pipe, you attach the vaporizer attachment in place of your bowl, heat it up with a torch lighter and take your hit. This is even purer than vaporizing as you are also passing the vapor through water purifying the vapor even more and giving a very

smooth and tasty hit. I also like there bowl’s they have with the 3 hole’s instead of one. It feel’s as though more smoke is pulled through the 3 hole bowl’s compared to a single hole bowl filling the chamber very fast with ultra thick smoke.

These glass pieces are right what I look for not only are they functional but they are very pretty piece’s worthy of anyone’s collection. The ver-glow vaporizer and the ver- glow vaporizer attachment are also fumed giving the glass an amazing color very appealing pieces that work great.

If you would like to try one of the great product’s? Contact: who will be more than happy to help you or for wholesale enquiries contact

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