TY VIP Judges Cup Application Form – 2019 Awards

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What Do I Get if I Win?

Winners will receive a published TY feature article online; The write-up will describe and picture their award winning strain report or product review – only if it wins top 3 of any category in Gold, Silver or Bronze as judged by 100 participants.

Plus, you’ll also be authorized to display the TY Judges Cup Award Winner icon for sharing and publication on your product packaging or literature, website, or social media marketing materials – to help you further distinguish your amazing product.

And.. OF COURSE; Award Trophies! We are currently working on the physical trophy design for Gold, Silver and Bronze winners, stay tuned for pictures of the hardware, and more prize draw announcements too!
Applicants who are accepted to enter the TY Judges Cup, and who supply product for VIP Judging, will also receive one (1) complimentary VIP Access ticket to attend the TY VIP Comedy Show, Dance Party & Awards Event(s);

In addition to the CCBE event at Exhibition place happening during the daytime between 9:00AM-8:00PMTreating Yourself is hosting an invitation-only VIP evening entertainment program during the Nov. 22-24 period, at a private off-site event venue. VIP’s will be treated to a nightly line-up of top talent including a Friday night comedy show, Saturday night dance party and live music, and Sunday Awards ceremony.

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Enter For a Chance to WIN!

Award Categories Include; 1) Indoor Flower 2) Outdoor Flower 3) Edibles 4) Extracts 5) Concentrates.

Marco’s Notes

IMPORTANT – There is no cost of submission however you must supply enough product for sampling by the VIP judges. We’ve limited the Judges to 100 persons.  If you are accepted in your particular category, you will be required to PRE-PACKAGE/PRE-ROLL and SUPPLY either; 100 grams flower, 25 grams concentrate, 25 grams extract, 100 doses edibles – based on your selected category. Winners will be announced Sunday Nov. 24th at the VIP Awards Ceremony in Toronto as per the published event line-up. SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Nov. 1st So Act Fast!

The TY Cup is open to private and individuals growers ONLY. Health Canada License Producers (LP’s) are NOT PERMITTED to enter. This is for patients, by patients.

If you are a grower or breeder that works for an LP you are are required to enter the TY Cup under your personal, or alias trade name to participate. It’s ok to mention who you grow for if under contract should you choose.


*LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The TY VIP Party & Judges Cup is a private event organized by Treating Yourself and is not affiliated with CCBE Expo, its management or organization. Attendees to the TY VIP Party acknowledge and accept it is a wholly separate event accessible by private invitation only. CCBE Expo and it’s assigns and affiliates accept no liability for off-site private events. Tickets for the TY VIP Party are sold separately. For all information about the TY VIP Party please contact TY at tickets@treatingyourself.com