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Welcome, to Treating Yourself! We are printing a publication that provides information, personal stories and a bit of marijuana & hemp awareness, combined with a holistic approach to life and medicine (sorry, I couldn’t even come close to making that sentence smaller!). I am an environmentalist. I believe in the conservation of our irreplaceable resources balanced against leading a fulfilling and happy life. I was a progressive conservative, but now I am just adrift. And, I want an answer to the question when it comes to using marijuana: Who am I hurting?

I want to see a change for the more reasonable in the drug laws. Not much depresses me, but the way we handle this area of controversy within society comes close. I started looking for marijuana reform events to attend in 1999. Eager for a change, I avidly followed the Senate Report. Then I met a man who had been my age when the LeDain Commission had been released. I realize I may be waiting for a while yet to see change come.I have no faith in the government, and my patience with the laws is at an end. Every rational and empirical marijuana study that has been released clearly shows that the harms related to prohibition are a bigger problem than the marijuana itself. There are many different groups to get involved with in every country. I wish there was more organization at a local level, to break through to the mainstream. Choosing a path has been very difficult. I still march, and I still protest.

This is a journal to cover topics that tend to be portrayed in a very stereotypical manner. Dude, I am here to change that! This is a work in progress that will evolve as we continue to find different methods of approach What will you find inside? A big part is devoted to telling the stories of the people and organizations out there for whom an alternative is the only response left to take. Chemicals and pharmaceuticals are the drugs foisted on us by society where pill popping is the answer to everything, be it physical or mental. Many people come to use medical marijuana from a holistic perspective. I want to explore holistic alternatives. A part will report events that take place, and activism in its many forms. We’ll also have interest articles by people on the things they enjoy doing in life.

This magazine is devoted to all the people who believe a change is necessary. Dedicated to the medicinal use of marijuana and the responsible use of all drugs.

The government is not treating you fairly, equitably or responsibly. It is time for you to treat yourself.


Photo by Mo

A Real Crime

God gave us seeds, I know what to do
Hydro or soil or is it aero for you?
Growing your medicines the thing to do
A taproot , a stem, and a leaf
buds are growing, relief I see
growing my stash in secrecy
A criminal to the law, how can it be?
illegal to grow, but that’s not my belief
The truth is simple, when will they see
I just used the seeds, nature provided me
The gov’t is crooked, much worse than a thief
They prefer pain & suffering, instead of natural relief
Governments it’s time for a puff
legalize this medicine, enough is enough

by Scott Sherwood

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