People Helping People

People Helping People, it’s a simple concept. Having experienced twenty-five years of drugs issued by well meaning doctors, and realizing that we are just political pawns, we decided that we had to empower ourselves, it was up to us the long term sick and disabled to take matters into our own hands.

The first thing is to move away from the dinosaurs of the drug world and make a complete break from their way of thinking. It is important to always move with the times. Enjoy all the variety that life presents to us, good or bad. Language and attitude moves and grows with age and experience. Sometimes the feeling exists, where you feel sick from all the drugs. Some of them must be doing something, but taking them all, all the time is a heavy burden.

We became involved with medical group that had two hundred clients to look after, no money and no stock. As it can happen with groups, internal politics had left the members fractured and angry. Many fell by the wayside with bad tempers and a total lack understanding. The ones that stayed are still there and are the most loyal people in the world.

After a year of taking this challenge on, that the authorities weren’t bothering us, they knew what we were doing and knew that we are doing it for the right reasons. Our beliefs are based on honesty and compassion for those who suffer in silence. We are the ones that any sort of legislation is aimed at. We are the long-term sick and disabled. We are the ones with the incurable neurological conditions. Who knows better than we do? Those who have to live in a body that never gets a minute’s break from pain.

Like everyone around there world, we have read with interest that the new wonder drug Sativex, a cannabis spray, was going to be available! That was three or four years ago, Applications were sent in immediately. But this wasn’t going to happen for years, great. Instead, there will be living in pain even when there is a medication available. It is the same drug in different forms. Instead people are forced to buy from the underworld. Doesn’t seem right or fair! Look at the doctors, will they care about their patients or their condition, or just keep prescribing drugs? Look at the politicians, do they represent you the constituent’s opinions?

P.H.P. had grown and evolved since it began. You always want to believe you can do it, dedicated and determined people working together in something they all believe in. Trying to avoid dealing with people who are wannabe gangsters and criminals, honest dedicated growers and suppliers is an eternal challenge. P.H.P. has a dedicated team of people who run the organization. We all want to do these things from the goodness of our hearts. We have formed a cooperative that is growing daily It is important to have honesty and trust. We do it because we care. We have growers all over the country who enjoy the thought that their lovingly grown plant is being used by people everywhere. This is a medicine that makes a real difference for people in their lives. We believe ingestion is the best way to use the medicine we are seriously anti-smoking. We all have enough in our lives to concern us, we don’t need the added problems that smoking brings. We have produced a book of recipes and ways of using the medication.

We really are People Helping People.

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