TY Cup Winners 2012


Private Grower Cup

1st Urban Grower / Blue Cheese

2nd JB / MediKush

3rd Imran / Mullaway’s Right

Compassion Club Cup

1st Rocky Mountain / Chocolope

2nd Northern Ontario Compassion Club/ Cheese

3rd Vancover Island Compassion Society/ Warlock

Seed Company  Indica Cup 1st Kannabia / Mataro Blue

2nd Kannabia / Kannabia Special

3rd House of the Great Gardener / Haoma

Seed Company Sativa Cup

1st Paradise Seeds / Atomical Haze 2nd Medical Seeds / Organic Ygriega 3rd BC Buddepot / Sweet Island Skunk

Functional Glass Cup

1st Korey Cotnam

2nd RooR

3rd Goolen

Flame Off

1st Brandon Martin , Big Z ,Burton 2nd Chris Carlson , Pakoh , Marcell 3rd Chad G , J.O.P. , Kurt B

The complete list of strains that entered the 2012 TY Cup


Black Blue/ Cheese / Private Grower / Urban Grower

Black Cross/ Jack / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions Black Spade/ Grape Escape / Compassion Club / MedCann Access

Black Ying Yang/ Cheese / Compassion Club / Northern Ontario C.C.

Black Batman (on Yellow)/ Purple Kush / Compassion Club / MedCann Access Blue Grape /Chemo / Private Grower / Humber Valley Seeds

Blue Devil /Lemon Skunk / Compassion Club / UKB Clear Warlock / Compassion Club / Van. Island C.S.

Eight Ball (on White)/ Starfish / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions

Gold Skull (on Black)/ Cherry Slyder x Tom Hills Deep Chunk / Private Grower / Pothead Pete & Sabrina

Green /Chemdog / Private Grower / Indoor Garden Solutions Green Alien/ Mullaway’s Right / Private Grower / Imran Green $$$$ /God Bud (BCBD) / Private Grower / Dr. Jay

Green Leaf /Grape x / Private Grower /Indoor Garden Solutions Green Playboy/ Bubba Kush / Private Grower / Urban Grower Orange B-Ball /SECRET VARIETY / Compassion Club / UKB

Red 4:20 /Critical Lights / Compassion Club / Section 56 Red Hearts/ S10/ Private Grower /Indoor Garden Solutions Red Superman (on Blue)/ Medi Kush / Private Grower / JB

“STAY HIGH” Bomb (on Red) /Blue Cheese / Compassion Club / iMedikate Purple Trucker Girls/ Chocolope / Compassion Club / Rocky Mountain

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