Treating Yourself Takes a look at PotCast

There are a few podcasts on the internet that deal with the topic of marijuana. Each one has a different angle and set of hosts who make the show have a spin or style of some kind.

One of my favorites is “The Potcast” with Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts, who have been gracious enough to have me on their show a few times now. It is both informative and fun with a wide variety of guests and things to talk about. They attend events and have various people from both the mainstream and marijuana industry. It is really a great show but to know just how great we really have to talk to the guys behind the show.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

MB: You’re welcome AI:Shazaam

What made you start “The Potcast”?

MB:It was a good way to combine 2 things i like:Smoking and audio.

AI:Well Manny And I worked for CBS radio in LA about a decade ago. We were the promotions team and would do most of the events for the talk radio station. Our conversa- tions we had in the car were more entertaining then what was on the radio. We had spoke about this concept for many years and done trial shows at Manny’s house and on the road. So when we were presented the opportunity to start a podcast we did the PotCast.

How have you made changes since the time it has began?

MB: The show is an entity of its own. It Demands us. It is always changing. We evolve with it.

There are so many other shows now, what makes yours different?

MB: Well we are more free form and about the communi- ty. Not so focused on the host behind the show.

AI: I feel that we are more cultured than others and have a natural chemistry because we are friends. There is no phoniness between us.

MB: We keep each other in balance.

AI: We don’t focus solely on Politics and medicine but try to entertain while educate.

MB: We Meducate as we converse.. hahah

What have been some of the obstacles you have run into in the years you have been doing it?

MB:Personal differences, adding members to the team, locations…

AI: Finances, you know typical things. Just like anybody else. We are all human.

Highlights must happen, what have some of the best ones been?

AI: One of my personal favorite stand out shocking moments is when we had a hash champion, a cancer sur- vivor, as a guest and he took a bong rip out of his neck!

MB: When we smoked out someone for his very first time. It was show #49. He had the luxury of choosing whatever he wanted. He had a great time.

We know there are all kinds of things that happen behind the scenes,anything you can tell our read- ers about?

AI: DABBING. lotsa dabbing.. I say “OK Ima roll a blunt” 30 times before the show. I run around like a frantic maniac.MB: People always have suggestions about the technical aspects of the show and they don’t realize its a one man team and a zero dollar budget. We run on Donation’s.

Are there any plans for future shows or events you can let our readers in on?

AI: Always… Stayed tuned to our website to get filled in

How should people who want to be on or listen to “The Potcast” in the future to find your show and contact you? adamillinstagram

Awesome getting a chance to talk with the guys from the potcast again. They do such a great job together and they really do have great chemistry. We recently spent some time working together in San Francisco at the High Times Cannabis Cup and these guys had a show going on for 2 days straight. It was fun the whole time especially when they did the dunk challenge. They definitely know how to have a good time but also keep it professional and handle their show with care. We both were part of the reason our booths took home awards and it was great to share that with such awesome guys. I hope they keep pumping up the scene and creating more and more stoners every day. Excellent work guys, I’m sure everyone will love it.

Thanks for reading, stay with us next time. Hope you are able to use this information to find out more about “The Potcast” and maybe check out a show or two. Maybe you have some down time at home or work and you can use this to find the show and fill your days with more cannabis related entertainment.

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