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Top 5 vape mods for 2019

Over the recent few years, the concept of e-cigarettes have become quite profound, thanks to the zeal of many smokers to actually abandon the tobacco and shift to something, which is more reliable, and helpful for the body.

This is one of those many things which have led to the discovery of the electronic cigarettes, one where the vapors are a result of the electric spark generated in cannabis like liquid held inside a canister.

This vaping technology has modified itself over the recent years, the result of which is the Vape Mod.

Vape Mods are the modified version of the earlier vaping machines or better put, the e-cigarettes. The very first difference between both these two is that the modern ones are larger in size, and hence they have longer battery lives and also a greater volume of the vaping liquid. Apart from this, their enhanced feature allows them to be charged without any electric spark. So, in the modern vapers, the liquid can be charged with heat in the coil anytime and at any temperature.

So, with more personal preferences getting inclined towards the mod based vapes, let’s discuss the five most famous and top-categorized vaping mods of 2019.

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W

As per most of the surveys, it has been finally proved that this GeekVape Aegis Legend is by far the strongest vape mod in terms of the charging power. The new and modern version of the vaping machine can fire a spark of up to a power of two hundred wattages, which is enough to produce quite strong vapors. This is the reason why it is perfect for those who wish to have a chunk of vapors just at a single counter.

It is waterproof and hence the weather won’t be a trouble for you once again. Along with this, the other two major advantages that you can hardly ignore are the shock-resistant and dust-proof nature. Actually, it has been constructed from high-grade silicone and is covered with excellent quality of allow mixed with leather to increase both the resistivity and durability.

Voopoo Drag 2 177W

Those who have used the Voopoo Drag version of the vaping machine should know that it was quite heavy to carry to different places even though it was powered by a battery with an output of only fifteen watts. However, recently, this vaping mod master upgraded the entire look and functionality of the Drag mod. First thing first, it increased the power output from just a small amount of fifteen watts to 177W. Even with such high power, the vape mod is quite light, and hence, you can carry it anywhere without any tension.

There is an automated chip- GENE.FIT. It is known for its super speed and accuracy of firing the spark in the heating coil. The battery life is highly optimized, and hence you can use it for long hours without actually getting to charge it once again.

Smok MAG Grip 100W

This particular vape mod design has a solid structure, encrusted with a zinc alloy that makes it durable enough to be handled for years. It has a splendid design, where you will get the feel of holding a pistol in your hand. The trigger is basically used to fire the vape mod, where the output power is almost about 100 watts. There is a slider button just by the side of the body of the machine, which is basically used to load and reload the battery component.

Make sure you are carrying a portable charger with you so that you don’t run out of the charge since the 18650 battery isn’t going to lasts very long. Flavor is available, and hence, if you are not very much fond of the SMOK flavor, this vape mod is best for you.

Lost Vape Orion Q pod mod

This is perhaps one of the cheapest vape mod that you can get in the market. So, now, you won’t have to spend tons and tons of money just to ensure that you can get rid of your tobacco addiction. This small mod vaping machine comes in a pack of two and they usually last for a couple of weeks before the battery runs out of its stored charge. All you need to do is allow the vaping liquid to get concentrated around the wick so that you can enjoy the exact flavor the moment you will charge the battery.

However, the major fact that supports its immense popularity is the expert built of the entire vaping machine. In reality, stainless steel is basically used, which is then packed with panels of carbon fiber. This provides the pod with its desirable weight of eighty-five grams. The battery, however, has a power backup of 950mAh, which lasts for a couple of days, almost depending upon the extent of your use.

Suorin Edge

The best fact about this vape mod is that you will be getting two different batteries in the kit, and hence, you won’t have to worry about getting the proper battery once again. Also, the batteries will charge in super fast speed as there is a USB-C port. This is a super innovative step from the parts of Suorin. In fact, this particular vaping mod is available on


So, gone are the days when you had to search for the perfect vaping machine from amongst the long list. With the modified vapes, you can easily enjoy smoking the cannabis substances and have the almost same effect as of the nicotine.

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