The DaVinci portable vaporizer

By skunk-mad

As vaporizing has become more and more pop- ular the rise in portable vaporizers has increased dramatically. This has seen some excellent units hit the market and some that are not so good, in this review I hope to cover one of the high end portable vaporizers “The DaVinci”. Here is a  little from the DaVinci,s creators then onto testing this unit out.

The DaVinci Vaporizer is the world’s most advanced, pocket-sized vaporization device.

Burning herbs is easily the most primitive form of therapeutic inhalation, but thankfully for us the days of ancient man have passed. The vaporization process eliminates harmful carcinogens, smoke and tar known to cause disease, while still produc- ing unbeatable potency and flavor.

The DaVinci fits in any pocket. Designed  with  portabili- ty in mind, the DaVinci’s small form factor makes it con- venient and discreet, to be enjoyed anywhere.

The DaVinci boasts digital temperature control, giving  you a truly precise and accurate vaporization tempera- ture. While other units may use inaccurate technology that defeat the purpose of temperature-sensitive vaporiza- tion, such as butane, the battery powered DaVinci  lets you choose the exact degree in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Say goodbye to butane and enjoy battery-powered vaping. With it’s 3 recharge internal lithium ion batteries, the DaVinci is the perfect on-the-go device. Just charge it up, pack it into your luggage, purse, backpack or gym  bag and you’re ready to head out and take it with you.

The adjustable temperature gives you flexibility for your medicating needs. With a heat up time of approximately   a minute and a half, you’ll be vaping in no time and thanks to a dual on/off switch, won’t accidentally power your unit on in your pocket and run down your battery.

Worried about letting your DaVinci sit and drain the bat- tery while it’s not in use? Our 10 minute cut off switch will turn off the heating element after 10 minutes of inac- tivity and save your battery life.

Now to the testing of this great piece of kit. As  the Davinci has a small storage compartment you can easily fill it with enough medication for 3-5 bowls, so I filled the storage compartment along with the bowl and set off on  a small day trip. When we got to our destination I fired my Davinci up for my first bowl, the Davinci has 2 on/off switches which make’s it virtually impossible to switch it on by mistake. There is a main on/off switch on the side of the machine with 3 more buttons on the front, a on/off switch for the heating element and a + & – for altering the temperature, a very simple but effective design. I find that vaporizing at around 365o work’s best for me so I set the temperature to my desired temperature and pushed the on button to kick in the heating element.

The machine reached my desired temperature in 1.30 minutes which is very fast and from the 1 bowl I pre filled I got around 10 good vapor hits over 10 minutes and with 4 more bowls packed into the DaVinci storage compartment that’s roughly an hour of constant vaping which is great from a full charge. If you are at home and the power run`s out the DaVinci is capable of running of a power supply as well as charging up the unit

When I get a new piece of kit I like to give it a good test run not only by myself but by my family this time I gave the DaVinci to my wife to take shopping to see how she got on medicating in public and she loved the machine. She did the same as me took one full bowl and 4 more bowls in the storage compartment and she came home with half. She found the machine exactly what she needs when shopping as it gives off little smell and the design of the unit really caught my wife’s eye, people that did see the device whilst she was out thought it was a radio which just goes to show how discrete this machine is.

This little machine really has helped my health conditions especially my chest as we all know vaporizing our med- ication is a much safer way to medicate so with this great piece of kit I know I can safely go out and more impor- tantly stay medicated in a discrete safe manor. One thing that is excellent with this vaporizer is the temperature control which when vaporizing is very important as some

cannibinoids vaporize at different temperatures thc at around 250o where as cbd needs a slightly higher temp to vaporize so a good temperature control is essential.

Another great feature of the DaVinci is that it can be used with the included oil cans to vaporize your essential oils such as lavender etc, so if you have had a session and need to get your room smelling nice fast this device is very capable of doing so. You just fill a oil can with your  desired oil,s or grinds, replace the silicone lid and place in the DaVinci without the straw mouth piece attached, switch the unit on and set a nice low temperature job done. I assume with the oil cans iso and bho type oils could also be vaporized but I have not tested this out.

The only real downside was that as this unit is so small it can get very hot so you have to be careful where you hold it but once you get used to where to put you hand the problem is un-noticeable. Beside that issue this is a great portable vaporizer that ticked all the boxes required, it is fast, discrete and most importantly gets you medicated very fast and very safely. A great portable vaporizer that does exactly what it says’s on the tin, that’s not a pun it actually does come in a cool tin presentation box.

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