The Maui Wowie “Bootube”

By Skunk-mad

I love medicating using a water bong so when I got the chance to test the “Bootube” through my good friends at Wickiepipe I was over the moon.

This bong appeals to me in many ways not only is the “Bootube” made from 100% natural products but because it is made from bamboo it is nearly indestructible so now you can take your bong on your travels without fear of breaking something.

The hit from the Bootube is excellent, very smooth and leaving a very distinctive nice after taste from the all natural bamboo. This is a true one off piece of art, very well crafted and creates a very pleasurable smoke.

Here is some more information on these amazing beautiful looking water bong`s.

The Bootube water pipe is a custom work of art hand made in Hawaii by dedicated artisans. The Maui Wowie Bootube is made from 100% certified black-bamboo, sealed with hand harvested 100% natural Maui Beeswax and 100% living-glass stem and bowl. Moreover, 100% hempseed oil is used on the outside for a custom finish. The Bootube will last many years since it’s nearly unbreakable due to the bamboos exceptional thickness: except the living-glass! Cleaning and maintaining your Bootube is as easy as it will get without cleaners or brushes! Just fill the Bootube with cold-water, cover the mouthpiece and stem and simply shake, shake and shake! The cold-water scrapes resin and build-up off of the beeswax leaving your Bootube looking like new.

Each and every Bootube is hand-crafted from certified organic black bamboo grown right here on Maui by our own Maui Wowie Ohana. The original Maui Wowie Bootube water pipe is 100% organic, natural and sustainable.

This Black Bamboo is typically used for its ornamental beauty. Our Maui Grown Black Bamboo resource is the first harvest ever! We’ve waited over 7 years to bring you a unique work of art for the finest smoking experience we can bring you.

Because Bamboo naturally has variations in length, diameter, and distance between each node, every Bootube is unique so you will never get the same Bootube twice. The natural beauty of your Bootube is obvious; it is a unique work art and can be cus- tomized on request.

Bootubes are available in the following approxi- mate sizes

Menehune – “Small Power” in Hawaiian.

Don’t underestimate the Menehune; even the Hawaiians couldn’t beat them.

(Small: ~12? up to 18? tall, single node only)

Mana – what magic is made of

Like the Menehune, but with special and unique char- acteristics.

(Small: ~12? up to 18? tall, single node only)

Da Kine – “The Kind” in Hawaiian Pidgin.

It is ‘the thing/Kind’ to have. It can refer to any ‘thing’, or it can be an expression of HIGH favoritism. (Medium: ~ up to 20? tall, double node)

Big Kahuna – “Chief” or “Expert”

They were the experts of old Hawaii, experts in reli- gion, health, crafts, science, psychology and magic. (Large: ~ up to 27? tall, double node)

Pono – “Righteous” or “True condition or nature” The word has strong cultural & spiritual connotations of “a state of harmony or balance”, and is the aim of the Ho’oponopono practice.

(Shoots brah! ~ up to 36? tall, triple node)

Haleakala – “House of the Sun” in Hawaiian. In Maui, it’s as HIGH as you can get!

(Custom sizes ~ up to 60? tall, multiple nodes)

We craft each Bootube with Aloha just like we live our lives in Aloha. Quality control is our primary concern and occurs at each stage of your Bootubes creation. However, by virtue of the nature of Bamboo, not every piece withstands it’s expected life, so your Bootube comes with a conditional replacement war- ranty. Does your Glass unit have any replacement warranty? Me no think so, Brah! Just one more rea- son to make The Maui Wowie Bootube da kine choice.

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