Storz & Bickel’s Plenty Vaporizer

I have friends in high places.. no kidding.

On a recent visit to T.O. I shared that I was looking into purchasing a vaporizer, all I have ever tried was a volcano but wanted something preferably a bit smaller and more affordable – LUCKY ME! My friend Marco just so happened he needed someone to test and write about a new product – a vaporizer- and would I do it? I was thrilled and this would be fun! As with my blog I promise to tell the truth – that being said when he handed me the product my first opinion was “Waaaaaaa… ?”

It is called the ‘Plenty’ and it is made by the same people who make the Volcano – Storz & Bickel- for that rea- son I admit I was excited – my son Storm has a Volcano and we love it. So I knew it was coming from a company that already produces a quality product.

Honestly, my very first opinion – a Vaporizer for a man. At first glance it looks like a tool – I’m not alone in this my husband was on it like honey when I showed him the box! That being said, I was still excited – I opened the box on the drive home and read the handy, dandy laminated quick start card! I thought this looks easy… I did READ the instructions. ALL of them – and decided I would try my Plenty on the ‘Sage’ setting when we got home.

Determined to do this right I put my bong away – I was strictly going to use this vaporizer while I test it for a least a week. So it’s been a week and what do I think!? Love it! It is easy to use – I have arthritis in my hands and wrists and the chamber where you put your medicine is big, easy to hold twist and fill – just as easy to empty! It took a few tries to get it right – probably just to break in a new machine, but you just turn on the button, squeeze the handle to start the heater and when the light turns off it’s ready to go! It is smaller than a volcano and I had it on my end table, coffee table and bathroom counter – not taking up hardly any space at all. It is also nice & light, the coil can get hot – but you have to be careful with any appliance you use and this one is no different. My son also helped me test it out and he was just as impressed – easier to travel with, would be great for a dorm, no bag, less noise and a little more discrete but all the wow of a full size Vaporizer! Both of us were sold on this little Plenty.

Beside the actual LOOK of it (would prefer black and purple) there was one other thing I was apparently “bitching” about, it did not sit up. It has to lie on it’s side (tiny rubber bumpers) when heating up or not in use. I’m a woman and I want neat, LUCKY again for me I have a pretty handy dandy hubby! He disappeared with my Plenty only to emerge from the garage with

Great little stand!! Problem solved – IMO

– if they included it in the kit – it would have been the icing on the cake! I’ll have to send them the suggestion. It made a huge differ- ence. Now is sits nicely on my desk in my stu- dio presenting itself with pride!

The last thing – the price:

A Pently costs $350. USD off the Direct site – it is a little expensive but I know several people who spent a couple of hundred $$ on other vaporizers and they are not as pleased after only a short while, so If you can I would say try to go the extra mile – you do get what you pay for, I’d also like to mention that they have all the parts available off the site as well which was nice to see- IF something happens I can easily get it fixed or replaced! I also think I used less medicine and will try to bake with the left over vaporized cannabis – I have had several peo- ple tell me they have great success with this. The Plenty was plenty good for me!

The instruction book: I have to say I look forward to the day when we can purchase items for their intended use that come with Cannabis instruc- tions. Let’s face it – these companies know why we

are buying their product – Is this part of the problem?

**I also want to bring something to  others attention          that        was brought to mine at the last EXPO. If you use Cannabis in a vaporizer

(ANY KIND) and it does not work then your warranty is null and void, BECAUSE you used it for an illegal substance. Which to me is complete bullshit. I look forward to the maker of any product that states it’s intended use. ESPE- CIALLY if it is for Cannabis. I understand you have to be careful legally but it is just another form of hypocrisy – is it not? I for one and a bit tired of it. Cannabis is MY MEDICINE. A Vaporizer is my preferred method of med-icating.

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