Help Put the Purity Back into the Pure Smoke Kulture

When you hear the word “Roor”, you probably associate it with one of the finest quality smoking or vaporizing products.   

People  dream  of  owning one, discuss them like a fine wine and appreciate the excellent design and functionality of the range of pieces.

A current Roor bong is the result of over twenty years of design to give  optimal  smoking  pleasure. It has  uniformity  in the quality of the product which remains a closely guarded secret, by a family owned business that is passionate about their glass. 

Roor’s  company objective is to create   a “pure smoke kulture” which has become a  thing  of  irony in recent times.

Roor is now calling for your assistance as it is fighting back against the production and  sale of counterfeit, poor quality glass, which is sold as a Roor.

My friend and I were recently in a restaurant and he was wearing a Roor T-shirt. The waiter was thrilled and engaged us in a conversation about a recent purchase of Roor over the internet.

He pulled out his cell phone and showed us a picture. Sadly, while it was obviously a fake Roor, this was a revelation to him. When the customer who wants to buy the best is continually swindled, Martin Birzle, the founder of Roor, realizes how unjust this is.

Any business worth its salt recognizes and appreciates the power of a loyal following and tries their hard- est to give them nothing but the best. At the end of the day, it is the customer that is being ripped off, swindled and crushed by counterfeit Roor products that are com- ing in from China.

Now it’s time that we all collectively fight back.

If you are thinking about purchasing a  Roor  product,  this is what Martin Birzle suggests  you  do.  First  of all, go to and pull up the list of stores that have a formal agreement to sell the original Roor product. If a store claims to stock Roor and you are unsure, contact Martin directly though email, given on the web- site, to verify if their claims are legitimate.

Roor has also set up a new address called Consumers are advised to use this address to help verify if a store is selling the real deal or report fakes. One way of doing this would be to try to take a dated photograph and submit it to Martin Birzle through this address. Any help would be appreciated and you could help put a stop to someone else getting ripped off.

If a store is selling original Roors then you will find plenty of support and excellent customer service while making your purchase. The store should also stock a good range of products and the staff will be happy to explain the different attachments to better suit your needs. This is to be expected as Roor works closely with their retail stores and expect nothing but the finest customer service.

Roor has also set up a new address called Consumers are advised to use this address to help verify if a store is selling the real deal or report fakes.

Since Roor became increasingly aware of the problem of counterfeits in the market, they have undertaken an investigation of a huge scale. This is well underway and substantial information is being gathered on a  daily basis. They have hired a firm called Kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP which is a law firm that specializes in intel- lectual property, including  trademark, enforcement. They have been educating both customs and police about the Roor product and counterfeit shipments, most of which appear to originate in China. They have been working extremely closely with trained private investiga- tors as well as, in appropriate cases, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.) and the Toronto Police Service.  

It cannot be emphasized enough  that the R.C.M.P.  and the Toronto  Police Service are  extremely supportive of brands protecting their intellectual property and recognize the serious nature of fraud and selling counterfeits. They realize that this practice hurts the business, individual consumers, Roor’s reputation and is highly unethical.

While this operation is currently taking place at ground level, the objective is to go beyond the stores, locate those who stock the stores and then over to those who are manufacturing the product in China. It should be  stressed that Roor, together with their legal team will not stop until this has been done. They will continue to seek the assistance of law enforcement as well.

The investigation is centered on visiting the maximum number of stores in Canada. Their aim is not hurt the store owners if they comply and cease and desist in sell- ing fake products. Once the counterfeit Roors have been identified by a representative from Roor, together  with an enforcement team made up of representatives of kestenberg Siegal Lipkus LLP, its trained private investi- gators and a paid duty police officer, the store owners almost always fold. They then assist in the information gathering aspect and give the details of those providing the fake Roor stock. Roor is making significant progress in getting to the main sources and eliminating common thievery of customers like you. Both law  enforcement and customs officials in Canada have been and continue to be aware of this project and it is in fact both a crimi- nal and civil offence to sell Roor counterfeits in this country.

Roor has been further motivated by some great success- es recently. As a direct result of this investigation, a major wholesale distributor has been shut down. In addition to this, both the R.C.M.P. and customs officials

at Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) have stopped  a shipment of more than twenty boxes of Roor counter- feits that were seized at the Port of Prince Rupert in B.C. Canada. This is just the beginning though and has sim- ply added fuel to the fire. It does however give con- sumers optimism that this investigation is working and gathering momentum every day.

What further advice can Roor give you? Help stop the criminal, disrespectful, ripping off of the general con- sumer and be an educated buyer. Visit their website at and read about their different products. Exact information regarding dimensions remain a close- ly guarded secret and must remain that way to guard against better counterfeits being made. Remember that Roor produces the highest grade of glass and while being a functional machine, prides itself on being a form of Art too. If your purchase comes in a box stamped with  “made in China”, be aware that you are buying a coun- terfeit. More importantly, work collectively with  Roor and their legal team at trying to stamp out this criminal problem. Take notes, submit witnessed accounts togeth- er with photographed evidence and remember that there is no one as powerful as a loyal customer.

At the end of the day, Roor is a long established compa- ny that has built a reputation for excellent customer care and acknowledges that it wouldn’t exist without you. Martin Birzle is committed to continuing this tradition and is passionate about repairing the damage that these fakes are causing people. He would like to give a heart- felt thank you to his loyal customers and pledge his com- mitment to protecting your interests in purchasing a piece of Roor glass. The Roor team are immensely grate- ful for any assistance given and empathize with those who have been conned. This provides them with more drive to stamp out this activity. In addition to this, they will continue to try to repair the damage done and deliv- er the finest customer service.

It’s time to fight back and feel empowered in a time where being swindled by cheap copies is rampant. The Roor Company is calling for your help in order to protect consumers like yourselves to eliminate the problem of counterfeits. Your contribution and work at ground level could make a world of difference and is greatly appreciated by Roor.

Never forget that customers  hold the power through their decision to purchase a product. While Roor is committed to providing a “pure smoke kulture” you could be a vital component to making it more pure.

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