Post TY Expo…Jubilant Exhaustion!


I write this editorial with jubilant exhaustion since it is a matter of days after the Third Annual Treating Yourself Expo which was held in Toronto.

The show has evolved and will always remain a work in progress. This year, we added a glass blowing competition to the event which was spectacular. The glass artists worked incredibly hard throughout the event and it was great to see them in action. Their finished pieces can be seen at 1of a kind glass store in Toronto where they will remain on display for fans to see. We are also publishing articles on the glass blowers so you can find out more about their work in the magazine.

The show also saw many businesses from around the world and activists who share their passion for edu- cating people and pushing the movement towards ending prohibition. There was a variety of people giv- ing speeches on the main stage, compassion clubs and an overwhelming variety of businesses linked to all aspects of growing and production of this much valued medicine. The vapour lounge was back and there were new features such as Pot TV with the crew from Vancouver’s Cannabis Culture keeping Marc Emery’s name at the forefront of the political movement. We look forward to inviting Marc to attend the show when he is finally released and uniting the major players together politically, to present a force to be reckoned with.

There are too many people to say thank you to. This event would not take place without an extensive list of supporters, staff, volunteers and friends who provide assistance and encouragement on a continual basis. My show manager Jim has been a pillar of strength too and is vital to pulling this whole thing together.

As an activist myself, it is important that we don’t rest on our laurels but keep pushing for a system that is fair and transparent. One issue that we need to look at is the prospective remodeling of the medical marijuana system in Canada and stop the demonizing of doctors in a recent documentary.

Certain doctors have been “outed” publically such as Dr, Kamerman, who is seen by many sick and ailing people as their savior. Many of us are aware that Health Canada telephones doctors, spreading fear, while trying to talk them out of prescribing the required dosage of cannabis needed by the patient. They are not qualified to do this. We need to fight this “God” complex they have and stop them sabotaging the program in the media and destroying reputations and lives like this.

On a lighter note, I hope you enjoy this issue of Treating Yourself and keep educating people about the medical value of cannabis.

Take care and Peace, Marco

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