Pollinator Product Review

By skunk-mad

So you have finally got your medicine cut, dry and curing, now after the up’s and down’s   of   growing   your   medication you can finally take some time for yourself and turn your unused sugar trim into high quality hash or “Pollen”. I Call it “Pollen” because  I use a pollinator  but  it  is  basically   dry  sift   hash   but  using   a machine.

The pollinator is a very basic design but extremely effective giving me around a 20% return from the trim that I used; typically a 10-15% yield is good so a 20% return is excellent. The machine is housed within a hard plastic box which contains a motor and the drum that  you fill up with you trim.

The pollinator comes in various sizes

The p150 (For 150g of trim) The p500 (For 500g of trim) The p3000 (For 3kg of trim)

They also make the massive pollinator forever which is on a slight tilt so you can keep shoveling your trim in all day, it will gradually work its way to the end, and your hash will fall to the bottom and repeat.

Chocolope Kush pollinator hash

So let’s make some hash

  1. I started off with 100g of sugar trim which I froze over nigh to freeze the trichomes to make them brittle so they will fall off easier when being tumbled.  I took the drum (which  has a 150u (micron) screen stretched all around it) out of the pollinator and filled it with my frozen trim.

Now back into the machine the drum went, I closed the lid and switched the pollinator on. This machine is super quite which is great for hash making as I think the hash making process should be a quiet process and if you do need to keep noise level’s down then this is a great machine for you.

  • I let my trim tumble for 1 hour and I was amazed at the amount of hash that had collected in the bottom of the polli- nator, the color was an amazing golden yellow much different to what I used to with bubble hash and a lot easier to collect and press.

The 1st run collected a 12g puck when pressed so I let it run for another hour which gave another 9g puck but the color was turning slightly green so I would say a 1 1/2 hour spin will produce the best hash with no impurities or unwant- ed plant matter.

Until I came across this machine my sole for my unused trim was bubble hash now I think in will be doing things different- ly. I still used the trim again to make bho but that’s another story, you could also use the tumbled trim for tinctures, but- ter etc whereas when you make bubble hash I find the waste matter hard to work with so scrap it. The trim once tumbled
still contained quite a lot of crystal’s so much more efficient.

These truly are some excellently made machines that give a great alternative to use your sugar trim. This great invention was created by Mila Jansen who has been involved in the Dutch cannabis scene since the late 60,s and is a master hash making queen so does know her stuff, if you would like more information please visit: www.polinator.nl or

kdk distribution if you are in Canada

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