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Patient’s Choice Poppy Seed RX-Bread

This bread, which actually is more like a cake, is a house favourite; it’s moist and delicious and has A LOT of THC. This recipe is a must for ALL medical patients who want a great experience with eating their cannabis. Be warned though, this is only for heavy cannabis users, i.e. it is VERY INTOXICATING (I have made a few cannabis dishes and this is bar-none the best tasting, most potent dish I’ve ever made or eaten).

This recipe makes 12 large servings, it’s easy and
worth every bit of trouble, enjoy! (it usually takes
me two or three times to get a cannabis-recipe to
work right, but this one came out right the first
time)… Let’s get started, first you’ll need:

2 Cups Crisco shortening
2T cooking oil
1 clean 5-gallon paint sifter
(available at any paint center for about 3$)
7-9 cups water
2.5oz+ high-quality bud-shake (this is important
for potency)

1 5quart sauce pan (the kind you’d make spaghet-
ti in)

2 transparent half gallon pitchers
In the five quart sauce pan mix water, oil, Crisco,

and bud shake (of-course you can use bud, the bet-
ter the pot-product, the more potent the cake is, it

just has to be at least the quality of good bud shake, also it’s a good idea to have this ground up fairly well.) bring to boil on high watching closely when it starts to boil immediately turn down heat to a very low simmer and cover for 18-24 hours. Turn off heat and let it cool for about 3-4 hours,
now use the paint sifter to strain the liquid out of the pan and into the pitchers, make sure too squeeze out as much of the liquids as possible because the canna-oil is now in that plant material and needs to be squished out, set the pitchers in the fridge for two or three hours or so and the canna-oil will separate and solidify on the top of the water, you can now use a butter knife and run it around the inside edges of the pitchers. Pour out the water and canna oil into a strainer in the sink
(the canna-oil is solid and will not fall through the
small holes, and of course the water will go right down the drain) put the oil in a cup or bag or container of your choice, don’t worry if you still get a little water in with the oil you can just heat it up, pour it in a cup, let it separate and solidify in the fridge and remove the oil from the water the same way I explained above. You now have canna-oil! HISTORY and info; This Canna-oil should be green and creamy when at room temp and seem very much like ice cream when cold (that’s normal) your house will wreak when you’re making it (a cap-full of vanilla should help with that). This Canna-oil is the result of years of trials and tribulation, It will work in any recipe that calls for shortening or any recipe that calls for cooking-oil if you melt it down before use. I tried many ways of cannabis/food preparation and this is the only way to go if you want to get really potent canna-oil.


You’ll need:
3 eggs
3 cups flour
2 1/3 cups sugar
2T poppy seed
1.5 cups milk
1 1/8 cups Canna-oil
1.5t salt
1.5t almond extract
1.5t vanilla extract
1.5t butter flavoring
1/2t baking powder

Beat eggs together in large mixing bowl, melt canna-oil and ad it to eggs, warm the milk and add all the liquid ingredients and mix well (it should look like green gravy). Add all dry ingredients; pour into 2 lightly greased cake pans. Bake at 325 for 1 hour, let cool in pans for ten minutes.

You’ll need:
_ cup orange juice
_ cup sugar
1/2t almond extract
1/2t vanilla extract
1/2t butter flavoring

Mix ingredients it will be granular, Heat in microwave (10-20 seconds on high) mix ingredients together until sugar is completely dissolved, pour half over each cake… enjoy

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