Overgrow the Government

Forever I have heard about this “OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT”. Well, what is it? When does it happen? Where does it happen? Those were the questions I had. Now it is clear to me what it means.

The government officials in office are not listening to the people. Or to what the people want. Stop the war on cannabis and on the people. With that being said, in the spring of 2009, what would happen if 1 in 10 cannabis smoking people would go out and plant 10 seed in the view of the public everywhere? We would send the message to our government officials—we want the war on cannabis to STOP! When spring in your part of the world comes, go out and sow some seeds. Put them everywhere! By highways, parks, forests everywhere and anywhere. Sow some seeds and join in the World OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT 2009.

If even 1 in 10 people would sow seeds this spring, the world would turn GREEN in wave after wave! All around the world, government officials would have to listen, as this will be loud! Just think, if 2 people would sow seeds…. And each had 2 friends…. Who have 2 friends… And so on. Pretty simple, isn’t it? If you get on board with the OGG, you can do this! 1. Pass on the about OGG to everybody around. 2. Pick out your spots to plant. 3. There will be a forum on the GreenPassion.org where you can see others who join in the OGG and where they have sown seeds in the 2009 OGG.

We will also post info about this on our friends’ sites. Get others to join in on your site. Or just accept our hand of friendship and come on by to see what is up, and talk with others about OGG! If we all stand together, we all win. Let us make 2009 the year that we Over Grow The Government. The year we win the war on cannabis and stop the useless prohibition! Spread the word, Over Grow the Government 2009 Spring Grow. Tell everybody “go out and plant this spring, turn the world
green!” Peace.

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