Outraged to See the Sick Having to Lead the Way

Lately I have been waking up and feeling irritated from the moment my eyes focus on the world. It is now getting to the point of Outrage.

The state of things Mankind is capable of and what is really going on is more than concerning, and I am part of it!

I know there are always solutions to a problem if you are willing to deal with it and think out of the box.I  have  kids and I think of the future nowadays. I feel let down  by law makers, the law, lawyers and legal red tape. I feel these people are seeing a parallel dimension to me. I real- ly do not follow how their thinking allows  human  laws to act over the laws of Nature and Evolutionary changes? I feel certain they do not have the answers either but sells the concepts that cause delays until they can find tempo- rary solutions. They are profiting from time, and that is something we do not have unlimited amounts of in a life!

I ask many of my co workers and members online to forums how they feel and what bothers them or makes them happy. I hear similar responses from all over the globe. So something is going on, that I am aware of, but since I only sense it and cannot really see it at present I feel agitated a little.

Currently and possibly due to the state of things on the globe with respect to humanity, we are seeing an evolu- tion of thinking on the grounds of sympathetic use of Cannabis for medical patients, leading the force is the USA. Considering there are a lot more countries in the world than the USA, what do we do with the medical patients from those lands unfriendly to medicating with Cannabis? We wish for them to avoid infringing the laws of their land in search of relief without doing more than watching a plant grow?

We do have challenges ahead, no doubt! But with the ter- minally ill patients where pharmaceutical cures are caus- ing no relief and even adverse effects as a result,

Cannabis is offering comfort and relief. So who in their right minds would object to these patients having relief and comfort in their State, especially when traditional medicines have ceased to have positive results? They are known as the modern day lepers. No professional is offering more than a band aid cure for a gapping open ulcer to this large group of patients! Many Doctors are visiting our websites nowadays and asking pertinent questions in private. They are making up their own minds but the definitive facts of Cannabis are growing and the length of time it has been in use in Humanity is by far a positive point when you evaluate most modern drugs have no more than 100 yrs of history.

No matter the moral reasons for each individual country having its attitude about certain drugs in the past, it is now a time for Cannabis to shine. People, who carry a medical condition that can be supported by a doctor’s let- ter, should have a right to choose their medicament! I am not condoning any patient or person to infringe contem- porary laws of their land, however it is time to prepare a way for other countries to follow a USA paradigm that is taking shape as we speak, and gaining a momentum that will one day reach a tipping point .

Why should anyone who is on borrowed time have to buy into legal delays that intentionally leave us all in limbo, if these laws are respect? I see it this way…if a patient who is terminally ill comes to me or my site and asks questions on how to grow, ready to buy a seed and go through all the cycle and trials and tribulations it will take to gain a finished product…rather than accept a doctor’s prescription, then I am all ears, and will do all in my power to help them.  Of course  it is difficult  to draw a line in the sand and argue where the point of medical use or recreational use is for any drug, but the fact remains high that any substance put in front of a popu- lation will always have some who misuse it while the majority uses it well.

Substantiating your medical or psychological condition

by way of a traditionally accepted doctor’s letter would be already a good thing to possess if you come under the category of a user in a country who does not permit the use of Cannabis. Obviously discretional use in a private place and not open to the general public or in view of minors would be advisable and preferable. Setting a standard ourselves without having to be told how to act in our own area of expertise is the way to lead this push. Following mainly the guidelines for alcohol or tobacco would be best as these two topics have caused more revenue and more health issues for governments than prob- ably all others put together.

Forming medical affiliations or clubs will be a great ini- tial stage, and asking for help from existing medical clubs in the USA would be an obvious thing to do to begin the process. Approaching Doctors who will understand the issue on an individual level and write a recommendation to use Cannabis as an alternative would be an important step to secure for a medical organization.  Online  aid from a medical friendly community of like minded peo- ple would also be a great step in the right direction to legitimizing medical use. Power in numbers always is important when acting to change archaic rules and laws. It will be a very difficult decision for a judge to put a ter- minally ill patient behind bars for growing a plant and using it for his or her own styled treatment for the con- dition suffered!

To numb the Outrage of the Now, and find a livable solu- tion to practicalities on a daily nature, we all need to change the way we view things. We should see a wider picture and then all realize we need to work together on the same side to make things better and more consistent for sufferers worldwide. We need the new jobs that this plant will supply as a result of its uses.

We need to get organized and equipped with the tools that rewrite the laws of a modern time. We need to col- lect data and test in laboratories so we can present our

case in science for evaluation. We are in this together whether we agree with other issues or not, so we must remain focused. The agitation I am feeling may also be the vibration and humming of impending change, and I am being impatient! So no matter what is installed for us all, we can choose to direct things if the passion and spir- it is united. Health issues usually unite these two facets of human nature for a positive outcome. But remember every Mountain is climbed but one step at a time with harmony in the body and mind…the rest will follow.

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