One Man’s Odyssey Through Health Canada

By Anonymous

I am a male aged 60 or so, I served with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry right out of high school. I left, honorably, and began what turned out to be a 30 year career as a Firefighter/EMT. During the
course of having so much fun with my career, I was criti- cally injured. It cost me my career, left me in chronic pain, and using a power wheelchair, with the high speed pack of course.

The major problem is chronic pain. I have bones in my  hip, un-fused unions, that tend to break 2-4 times a year, and yes it is very painful. Each time I am left in bed for up to 8 weeks and the pain is extreme. I also have a destroyed shoulder socket with little cartilage left, advanced osteoarthritis in 4 locations of my spine, both shoulders, knees, and right foot. I “was” taking up to 900mg of mor- phine a day, as well as 5 other pharmaceuticals!

My chronic pain specialist “suggested” I look into using marijuana to help with my insomnia, low appetite, pain levels, and depression but of course when I asked where do I get a signature in order to try it and he said “I don’t know”. This went on for 11 years with three different spe- cialists “suggesting” I try medical marijuana, but no one was going to help me do it legally?

I found a web site in the early part of this new century, called and the wealth of information  I gleaned from them put me in a position to run a study

for 6 weeks and determine if this cannabis was the item I was desperately seeking for relief of my symptoms. The study consisted of using cannabis rolled in a joint, at bed- time, for 7 nights followed by 7 nights without. The third week I used cannabis at bedtime in a vaporizer and again the 4th week without. The 5th week I used it baked into    a cookie and the last week nothing again. I was amazed at the results after only 6 weeks. I had “missed” taking 200 mg of morphine during each week when I used the cannabis and increased the morphine on the weeks I did- n’t use it. My sleep pattern was drastically improved from 1-2 hrs per night without cannabis to as much as 5-6 with its use. I ate better as well. I would go without eating for days and then binge eat 3 or 4 full course meals in one day and that wrecked havoc on my bowels. I increased the amount of time spent both out of bed and out of the house which also helps with depression.

I presented the results to my doctors. Nothing! They were happy for me that I found something to help but still refused to sign for my category one permit.

I was watching a court case develop in Ontario that chal- lenged Health Canada’s role in insisting that  doctors  be the gate keeper to medical marijuana, while the college of physicians was advising the doctors’not to sign. I signed up to testify, having experienced similar results with my specialists in Alberta as the defendant was in this case who was also a medical user.

It was during this time frame that I found a web site that does Skype interviews with a doctor for the purpose of determining whether you qualify for a permit from health Canada or not, but they charged $450.

Just like that I was legal, with a reasonable daily gram limit, now where can I find a grower since I certainly can- not do it and with no help from health Canada. another- web site, not affiliated with the doctor’s group, stated they provided experienced and knowledgeable growers for licensed medical marijuana using patients. He promised organic product, whatever strains worked for me, vacuum sealed and delivered to my door each and every month. The web site states that Chad Clelland is the director and he told me“the buck stops with him” unless there is a problem, any problem as I was about to find out.

The first alarm bells went off after 8 weeks of waiting for the permit to return, I still had no reply from health Canada? I contacted medicalmarijuana about the  delay and they emailed me to say they had a delay of 6 weeks to send the correct address of the grower? You don’t have the correct address?

Finally after Christmas, and 11 years, I was legal, and had  a designated grower. I started to imagine what my summer might be like. I was getting excited at to the prospects of getting outside once in a while and re-engaging in some of my hobbies like fishing and hunting. I knew that with the proper strains I would actually heal enough to permit me to take the train back to see my critically ill mother and mentally disabled brother. I might even be able to help them financially since I wouldn’t be spending an arm and leg on “other” med sources.

It didn’t take long for evidence of the medical marijuana’s company vetting process of growers was seriously flawed. I asked the mule what the cbd content of the crop was and he didn’t know what I was talking about. I can’t commu- nicate directly with the grower directly because that’s the way they want it! I have the growers address on the per- mit and that’s all. I have to go through a mule-one who picks up the product and ships it or delivers it to the patient. He also didn’t understand why I needed such a high level of thc or what strains I would be receiving.  I had to ask after every shipment as to what strain it was so that I would never order it or grow it for myself, but I sel- dom received an answer. Next came Canada post, stealing my legally shipped meds, and not telling me for 3 weeks that they sent it to the RCMP. Why? because she(Canada post) didn’t approve of using marijuana for any purpose! Chad and his mule never did initiate a search for a lost package and the receiver cannot initiate it. I suggested hir- ing my lawyer to bring heat onto Canada post and at least get the package returned but Chad said he would replace the package and not to pursue it any further? I went through Feb and march with no meds.

In the end, I never received one strain I asked for, i.e. White Widow, G13, OG  Kush,  AK47  etc.  I  never  received one monthly shipment on time, I had to email and query Chad every single month to get my packages sent when they were due. Notifying Chad ended with the same results, nothing done about it. Packages were not wrapped in accordance with health Canada specifica- tions, one was wrapped in saran wrap. All but one ship- ment was graded 1 or 2 out of 10 ( 1pt. for looking like bud and 1 pt. for having visible trichomes) and most smell like- nothing! One that he wanted me to believe was OG kush rated a 2/10 and had seeds in it. OG Kush has always rated a 9 in my health management kit. The one package or exception to all was that which contained Cotton Candy – a part of the package only, and legends ultimate Indica the remainder and why did I get this? I had informed them I was attending a BBQ for MMAR patients and we were going to compare the various cannabis suppliers or designated growers we had at that time. It was of course late. I expected the next 4 ship- ments to contain Cotton Candy which I rated a 7 and the LUI a 4 and what did I get – hemp!The last package arrived without prior warning via Canada post and improperly sealed. They didn’t have to worry about the smell giving away the contents as they could have stuffed it into the box without the zip lock bag as there was absolutely no smell and I graded it a 1/10.

My health has declined over the last 10 months since I became legal, to the extent I have broken three molars from grinding my teeth in pain, I have had to double the blood pressure meds due to the monthly stress, lost 8 pounds, forced to live on a lukewarm fluid diet and the use of pain killers are up 35%. My teeth began breaking in early march, from grinding in pain, due to having no significant meds since becoming legal. I had to inform family and friends and yes Chad too, that due to the con- stant nausea caused by the morphine, and the lack of any decent cannabis from my grower, I would have to rely on emails for communication since I couldn’t carry on a con- versation over the telephone due to the constant nausea.

I can’t book a dentist until I have sufficient volume and strength to make a batch of cookies which will  control  the nausea long enough for the dentist to complete the procedure. I wasn’t going to risk losing my permit seek- ing alternate sources when our agreement specified my needs for certain strains from the very beginning and I was getting very suspicious of what their intent might be, ripping me off!

They promised me the moon, until my crop came in, and then severed communications with me by actually block- ing my email. I sent a note to the mule, asking if they had any comments for an article I was putting together and what do you know 10 min later the phone rings, but due to the nausea I couldn’t answer it. Now I wonder why
they would want to call, but not reply to my emails unless they don’t want to see their comments in large type next to “scumbags rip-off disabled vets”.   My last due date, to receive my crop of Cotton Candy, which also wasn’t on my list, was July 26, a crop which they bragged about in emails, and apparently was fantastic when taken down in June, still has not been received and no contact after I sent numerous queries as to the delay. Once the crop is harvested, the patient gets his 4 months’ supply set aside and therefore shipment delays should not exist, unless they stole the crop from me!

My mother died in late may and I couldn’t attend the funeral, or send my brother any financial help! Well despite your words contrary to whether I can fire your designated grower before the year is up, whether he bought the permit from you or not, Chad, he is fired! It is of my opinion that Chad Clellend’s gang is using the permitted crops to feed his “compassion “ club, at the expense of this disabled vet!  


Signature withheld only to protect my permit

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