Neighborhood Debate Q&A

On hand to bequeath medicine, summon additional media, and bolster for the noble, medical marijuana activist Cynthia Willis, also a Gold Hill dweller, contests the federal matter with unbiased nearby home owner Brian Reynolds:

Were  the  Anderson’s  over   the   limit   or  not? Reynolds: The community co-op that exceeds the state limitations is not a good idea. It attracts too much atten- tion from feds that aren’t nabbing enough illegal growers. You’re dangling a carrot for them. We don’t have the right of free assembly.

Willis: Technically, there should be no DEA raids on subdi- vided gardens not if they don’t singly surpass the state’s utmost double-digits between the barbed-wire. No fields bled beyond their own chain link — no medical marijuana growing guidelines were violated. Why weren’t the cancer patients given their due medicine on the spot? They we’re not in question of abundance nor criminal activity. States will fight tooth-and-nail for their medical marijuana rights and better liberate cannabis internationally.

The U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration served a deferred search warrant. Why were firearms necessary? Why was the DEA so quick to use the battering ram?

R: (Laughing) In reference to the gun going off, what hap- pened to keeping your safety on? Man that could have been ugly. The DEA agent should be demoted for firearm incompetence. There’s no excuse.

W: Precautions must be taken — law enforcement is spon- taneous — those agents don’t know what may be pend- ing. Nevertheless, the one officer’s gun handling skills were subpar, at best. Thank God no one was hurt. And I have three words for the brutal entrance and postponed warrant: Power tripping abuse.

What purpose did these raids serve?

R: The intention is to obtain the bottom dollar; they must remain active to keep budget funding up. When they’re desperate, they attack legal gardens to compensate for what they are not getting on the illegal front.

W: Regulation can demonize law-abiding citizens the same way it once did cannabis. Raids force prescription-aban- doned patients to refer to the black market for relief of whatever ails them. Nobody wants to suffer. It’s simply not very well thought out on the part of the feds.

Obama has declined his earlier positive stance on medical marijuana. Newspapers also allege that California dispen- saries are illegally profiting from the industry, hence the crop redemption. End this non-point threat of violence, and eliminate the illegal pot market, by legalizing cannabis. H-E-L-L-O…

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