Medicinal pot expert/activist Cynthia Willis speaks out

…on a new generation of non-on-hippie medical marijuana dynasties

by S. Brook Reed

Are parents that expose their children to cannabis poor examples?

Willis: That depends on the example parents set and how they approach the matter. My Son always knew cannabis was my medicine and not to be discussed in specifics out- side of our family…when he was old enough to under- stand. My Grandchildren know. They know the difference between cannabis and tobacco, my family appreciates me not being on narcotics any longer, I appreciate the money I save and having a medicine that will not destroy my body.

Should therapeutic pot-oriented families be wel- come in middle or upper classed America?

W: They already are! Whether main-stream America knows it or not, cannabis is a part of many a hard working upper-crusters’ nightly routine to relax and sleep well, rather than a beer – which contains hops, a part of the

cannabis family. Many of them have family members who are patients, we are in every socio-economic faction of society.

Children use topical and edibles. How old should one be to smoke medical marijuana?

W: If a child is severe, they should not smoke medicinal cannabis but use a vaporizer. This is a method by which the medicine is heated enough to release a vapor, not a smoke, containing the active ingredients. This is not only well-tol- erated, but the method commonly used when any research is done. I personally believe if we can keep children from smoking anything until they are old enough to understand the consequences, 21 in most states, then we can keep most people from smoking. I struggle every day to be an ex-smoker instead of a slave to cigarettes…now that is a stroke looking to happen every time you light up!

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