Karma Genetics

by Harry Resin

I’ve had the pleasure of being friends with Karma, the owner and founder of Karma Genetics for the last six years.

Last year Karma won an award at the Cannabis Cup and  has since had a busy 2011, refining existing strains and developing new one’s.

Karma is in a unique situa- tion as he is center of a one man operation, he prefers to do everything himself in order to ensure quality control and to make sure that his genetics grow true. He is someone who breeds with integrity, “everyone who buys a pack should be ecstatic about the results, this is how I am, if I’m not satisfied I’ll pull the whole line. I really believe in the Karma and love that goes hand in hand with breeding and growing. This i hope is reflected in  my work.” This also means that he doesn’t have a team behind hi, so in some cases his releases are quite limited getting scooped up within a matter of days on the inter- net. Karma has been quite active on all the forums for years, he’s  on  cannacollective.co.uk,  breedbay.co.uk, and icmag.com. He really participates in the online com- munity sharing genetics and strains with his fans and friends. Because of his contact with people through the forums he has always been on the forefront of what strains are current and in demand.

This has led to his almost two year Kush breeding proj- ect. What makes Karma unique is that he shies away from making feminized seeds. This means that he actu- ally goes through a lengthy breeding and testing process when he makes every new strain. Which makes his strains stable, its not like he just takes a clone, sprays it and makes female seeds within six months. His is a process ensuring that you get stable and true strains, each one with its unique flavor and qualities.

For the past two years he’s been working on a series of new Kushes that have involved  a lot of work  and a lot of ups and downs. Karma has been inter working sever- al of these new Kushes with some of his tried and tested males amongst them the Jack#22. “This male is an old Jack Herrer male that really adds an amazing haze qual- ity both in high and taste,” Karma says. “Rather than most hazes this male tends to keep the structure of the buds very tight and doesn’t really add to the flowering time.”

The first of his new releases is the sour jack. This strain is made from a Sour Diesel IBL that he had selected from seeds. The Sour Diesel cut he picked was a sticky dank pheno, that really had that deep sour flavor. It was really one of my favorite smokes, when we were hanging out with some of the guys from the forum that Sour Diesel was almost always the first gone. At least until the White OG made her appearance.

To make the Sour Jack he crossed the Sour Diesel with his Jack #22 male. After several tests and a few batches of seeds he finally found the combination that worked best and he released this new strain. It flowers out about an average of ten weeks but can go as late as eleven. The haze flavor has combined nicely with the sour taste, giving it a really unique taste that is neither sour nor hazey. As far as structure it really maintains its sour look, tight colas with that distinct dark green leaf that is common to the sour diesel and it has those really tight popcorn calyxes. This one as you can see in the pictures is also the biggest yielder, with the plants reaching massive heights. You  can prune it of course and it works well in    a Sea of Green set up.

Biker Kush

The next strain is the Biker Kush, this one was made in a two part process. An HA OG cut was originally combined with his SFV OG bx2 male. The HA OG is a dank OG that yields slightly better than the SFV OG cut. With this 2012 release he used a biker Kush male from the original cross to breed back certain qualities that he was looking for which were found in the original. For an OG, this strain has a really decent yield, and it grows slightly faster than its SFV sister. As great as the yield is the Biker Kush is all flavor. It is a major stinker, this one just keeps putting out the smell. As a result it require a really strong filter as it really fills the grow room with its pungent aroma. The smoke is also strong and it has a really tangy flavor. Karma says “this is one my favorites as it has a really clear high that comes on fast and strong and it tastes so good. Its one of those strains that when a joint goes round no one wants to pass it.” Always a good sign.

White OG V2.0

His next new release for 2012 is the White OG V2.0. This is the improved White OG, it is slightly different from the White OG that won an award in last years cup, in that it is more stable and more refined. Exhibiting even better yields. This strain’s parents are, Krome’s The White cut and a Triple Kush father. The Triple Kush is a 2010 release which was made from the Firewhite #6 X SFV OG Kush BX2. The White OG V2.0 is one of the strongest strains in his stable. It is a pow- erful stone that acts like an analgesic, relaxing all your muscles and inducing a state of total calmness. Karma recommends it as his top medical strain, as it pro- vides a number of powerful healing effects. The plant has a great vigor to it dur- ing both its veg and flowering cycle. The yield is better than the standard SFV OG and it grows bigger and fatter much quicker than its sister. The plant has a real- ly nice structure as it grows, with buds looking like mini pine trees. its also coat- ed in resin, as you can see in the pictures it just glistens. This crystal production really starts around week five and it just gets more sparkly from there. This plant really produces top quality nugs that will leave the grower plenty satisfied.

Each of his new strains is quite distinct even though they all have their roots in the OG family. Looking at the finished  product  you can really  see a distinct  set  of features in each of the strains which really differentiates one from another. Karma does breed for his fans but first and foremost he breeds for himself. As he is an experienced cannammelier he is really searching for unique flavors and highs. I would check out the forums regularly for updates on new releases and always keep an eye out in these pages for more. The proof they say is always in the pudding, in this case, in the smoke.

Love and light.

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