Kali Mist Feminised

Heavy-weight sativa queen with a perfectly female appearance

Text and photos by Green Born Identity – G.B.I.

The Kali Mist strain from Serious Seeds is a leg- end, a timeless queen amongst the sativa strains of the cannabis world, a true evergreen. The year of her  creation  dates  back  to 1993. 

Since  then, Kali Mist has been genetically modified a bit several times, partly because a part of the parental genetics had been lost (through busts), but also partly in an effort to further improve it. Simon, the owner and breeder of  Serious Seeds, even went for a journey to Cambodia one time, in search of old high-grade landraces, to import them to The Netherlands and use them for refining his Kali Mist strain there, but he “didn’t find anything that matched the class of the Kali Mist parents.” The different genetic Lines brought together by Simon in Kali Mist originally came from Cambodia, Colombia and  Thailand  (sativa  side), plus  Afghanistan  (indica  side,  only  a  small  share).  

The exotic Kali Mist strain delivers classic sativa effects in a crystal-clear quality, unleashing an energising and inspir- ing high energy flash, a vibrant up-high that both mental- ly and physically endures for a very long time. Several awards at different cannabis cups, also in the past few years, underline the ever big popularity of this sativa queen.

Kali Mist has been available also in the form of feminised seeds for a while, and The Doc, a big fan of that strain, wanted to find out whether she has preserved her out- standing class as a feminised strain as well. That caused him to sow four feminised Kali Mist seeds into jiffy pots, and after four days, they had all sprouted, illuminated by two 75 W Secret Jardin High Efficiency CFLs. A few days later, The Doc transplanted them to 11 litre pots and put

them into the actual grow room, under a 600 W  Plantastar HPS light, together with some other plants. Which effected a very vivid growth, twelve days after germination, the four seedlings had arrived at heights of 10- 15 cm and produced several side branch onsets. After three weeks, The Doc reported that “they have kind of exploded”, benefiting from the high light intensity. His  four Kali Mists were already 25-40 cm tall now and exhibited a lot of side branches, it was about time to induce flowering, which The Doc did by cutting down the daily light cycle from 18 to 12 hours. Also, he re-equipped the  room  with  two  GIB  Lighting  600  W  lamps  and one
400  W  Osram  Son-T  Plus  lamp. 

The  reason  why   he allowed his Kali Mist plants to become fairly tall already before flowering was that there is a lot of vertical and horizontal space in his grow room, and The Doc grows rather less, but bigger plants there, they can easily grow into bigger dimensions than in average grow rooms.

The four Kali Mist plants quickly, within a week, switched to the flowering mode. The tallest plant was 60 cm tall (having 10 internodes), when the first female preflowers became visible, and the other three 45-55 cm, the typical stretching effect had gotten into full gear now. The small- est Kali Mist plants revealed an obviously higher indica share than the other three, growing more compact and with darker, somewhat wider leaves. After two weeks of flowering, The Doc was flabbergasted by a most intense stretching effect, within one week only, the tallest plant had increased its height by another 40 cm! The other two taller plants exhibited a likewise strong stretching effect, only the shortest plant acted kind of restrained, with a height of about 60 cm. But all the four plants had pro- duced numerous long side branches, along which a very vivid flower production had started. When three weeks of flowering had passed, The Doc reported: “Now they are showing the first little compact rose-like buds. The bud- ding pattern of the three taller plants is absolutely identi- cal, but also that smaller plant exhibits an unmistakably classic sativa flower formation. The biggest plant is about 120 cm tall now, the other two 110 and 105 cm, and the fourth one 75 cm. That superb bud formation promises a rich harvest!” And one week later: “Now it’s  showtime! The branch and bud stretching effect still is immense, the two tallest plants have arrived at a height of about 160 cm now already, and the buds are getting dense and denser. One can also see pretty nice first resin gland formations, these plants will certainly be very resinous when harvest time comes. In any case, they will become as tall as a man. But not the smallest plant, she seems to have stopped growing into height after having arrived at about 90 cm.” After week five of flowering, that stretching effect had come to an end obviously, with the two tallest Kali Mist plants having reached a height of about 180 cm, and the third one about 150 cm. “All the plants will from now on gain further height only through bud elongation. Pure sativa as far as the eye can see!” The Doc was enthusing.


After six weeks, flower formation had become already tremendous, “but they will keep on flowering for several more weeks for sure”, The Doc estimated, “The smallest plant exhibits a budding pattern more or less identical with the other three plants, with the only difference that the buds are not that much elongated here, due to the shorter internodes. And there are quite amazing amounts of resin on the buds.” One week later it became obvious that one of the two tallest plants was flowering a bit faster and would be the one that was to be harvested first, while the smallest plant would be the last one probably. The three taller plants exhibited the first withered, brown flower hairs now. “The flower  formation  of all the plants is very dense and tight, particularly for a sativa strain. However, the end is not in sight yet!” The Doc reported. After eight weeks into flowering, The Doc reported “The flowers seem to adopt a kind of golden colour. They are most beautiful, these are really divine plants I  feel, smelling wonderfully exotic, with sandalwood and haze notes, but somewhat sweeter. Their abundant resin con- tent does surprise me, never before I’ve seen such resinous Kali Mist plants.” One week later, he forecasted that the two taller plants would only need about one more week   of flowering to reach maturity – “That’s pretty damn fast for a sativa strain”, The Doc said.

Indeed, after 73 days of flowering, the tallest plant was ripe and could be harvested, and the second tallest plant followed four days later. Another three days later, also the third tallest plant had reached maturity, and after 84 days of flowering, the smallest plant had passed the home- stretch as well.

“All the four Kali Mist plants have reached maturity within the harvest window stated by Serious Seeds, being even 1-2 weeks faster, flowering  100% female until the very end, I couldn’t find any male flower”, The Doc praised, “they have passed the femi test with ease and truly are heavy-weight sativa queens with a perfectly female appearance!”

Thanks to the very low leaf content of the buds, The Doc could easily harvest his Kali Mist buds, however,  due to the sheer mass of buds, it took him quite a while. He thor- oughly dried them over about 3.5 weeks, effecting a slight fermentation effect that gave the Kali Mist buds a great aromatic finish, smelling wonderfully organic, with an earthy-sweet fragrance and – just like with the fresh buds

– delicious haze and sandalwood notes. The Doc separate- ly weighed the four plants, and his high expectations were even exceeded with sensational results of 140, 160, 175 und 185 grams. “This is simply madness!” The Doc cheered. When test-smoking the Kali Mist buds, he was overwhelmed by sativa effects in the purest of forms, with heavily pulsating sativa energy rushing into his body and mind, effecting crystal-clear visual appearances and an accelerated heartbeat. The Doc: “As always, Kali Mist provides an extremely prickling feeling, I simply love that heavily activating and stimulating, also euphoric feeling. And that marvellous effect unalteredly lasts very long, at least one and a half hour, and even more if you put a lit-  tle bit more into your joint. Then that super clear up-high naturally declines and leaves you in most relaxed and vitalised shape. And also the Kali Mist flavour was out- standing and a sheer enjoyment, mild and sweet, but also revealing a certain spiciness, in the form of clearly notice- able haze and sandalwood notes.”

The Doc concluded “Also in its feminised form, Kali mist has fully convinced and deeply impressed me once again, this divine sativa queen most reliably yields fantastic results in both terms of quantity and quality.” Six femi- nised Kali Mist seeds are available at the price of  80 Euros.


Kali Mist (Cambodian/Colombian/Thai/Afghan) Vegetative stage here: 3 weeks Flowering stage here:  73-84 days, in general 70-90 Days


Plagron Standard Mix with 5% expanded clay and horn chippings, 11 litre pots

pH 6.2–6.8 EC

Vegetative stage: 1.2–1.6 mS Flowering: 1.6-2.0 mS Lights

Vegetative stage: 2x Secret Jardin CFL 75 W

Flowering: 2x GIB Lighting 600 W HPS + 1x 400 W Osram Son T plus


24-28°C (day)

18-20°C (night)

Air humidity

Vegetative stage: 40–60%

Flowering: max. 50%

Watering by hand Fertilisers

HeSi Blühkomplex, HeSi Phosphor Plus from the 4th week of flowering Stimulators/Additives

HeSi SuperVit, Wurzelkomplex, Enzyme


98, 160-192 cm

Yield 140, 160, 175 and 185 g

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