It’s a Metaphysical World

Extraordinary Stories from Everyday Life

Book Review By Jackie Wolfe

It’s a Metaphysical World is a collection of thought- provoking case studies of metaphysical phenomena that will touch your heart and tease your rationality.

Williams and Michaels draw from their personal experiences and those of their friends and family to pro- vide readers with over one hundred accounts of extraordi- nary phenomena from every-day life.

Although this book does not necessarily seek to be an edu- cational tool, it offers a breadth of metaphysical content. The stories cover a range of paranormal  topics  from UFOs, angels, spirit guides, and past lives, to bilocation, astral projection, distance healing, and time warps, appealing to both novices and experts. These topics are embedded in a multitude of experiences including sight- ings, blessings, and premonitions, and are then applied to activities from daily living such as dinner parties, traveling to visit relatives, and purchasing real estate. The authors lay out most of the popularized sectors of the field of metaphysical phenomenon as well as areas that remain much less understood.

The author’s personal accounts provide a backdrop of character development throughout the book. All too often factual stories are a sterile read, however, being able to fol-

low the authors on their life journeys and their relation- ships with family adds considerable creditability and intrigue. The tellings of parent-child and sibling intuition, and the synchronistic passing of parents are sure to touch audiences of all ages. Through these personal retellings, readers are able to understand paranormal occurrences within the context of the family unit, workplace dynam- ics, and friendship circles. For example, how  parents  strain to accept the metaphysical experiences of their chil- dren, and how a typical person grapples with sharing their first-time experience with others.

The authors are keen to share how their belief systems have adjusted throughout their metaphysical studies. Many of the stories challenge conventional Western and Eastern wisdom and established religious practices. Their personal growth is further reflected in the insights that are present at the beginning of each story. These insights guide the reader into a deeper understanding and an enriched appreciation of the lessons these stories have to offer. Whether you are looking to be entertained, to have a per- sonal experience validated, or to learn about the study of psychic phenomenon, you will thoroughly  enjoy  this book, and find yourself reading it again and again.

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