Intimidating patients and doctors who choose cannabis as medicine

MARCO’S EDITORIAL. Well here we are again, having to deal with the powers that be at Health Canada. Not only have they gone after Doctors who were willing to sign the MMAR forms, they are now going after patients again.

I have had my MMAR exemption since 2001 and have had to change Doctors for one reason or another. My last Doctor was arrested and is unable to continue to sign for patients as he is fight- ing his charges. My current Doctor agreed to sign my renewal forms even though he wasn’t famil- iar with the MMAR program. He agreed to sign because it was a renewal and he was my parents Doctor. Well low and behold someone who works at Health Canada / MMAR with NO medical training or background called my Doctor, questioning his decision to sign my exemption at such a high dosage. They continued to say that a 5 gr per day limit is the average dose. Where does this person that works at Health Canada get their information from? Well your guess is as good as mine! This has now left my Doctor spooked and uncomfortable in prescribing me with the required dosage.

So, patients who choose to use cannabis in Canada are getting the run around but our neighbors to the South of us are also feeling the heat coming from their Government and law enforcement officials. I find it disgusting that these elected officials are ignoring court orders as well as the cam- paign promises they made to get elected. When are we going to see this entire hypocrisy end? I guess it’s more important for these elected government officials to spend billions on so called ter- rorism instead of looking after their own citizens.

Election time is just around the corner for those in the USA and I am hoping that they elect some- one with integrity and someone who also supports the use of cannabis as medicine. For those of us here in Canada I can only hope that Prime Minister Stephen Harper realizes that his days are numbered if he doesn’t start to listen to those who put him in power in the first place.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers go out to all those patients who continue to suf-

fer in this ridiculous war against cannabis users.

Until Next Time

Take Care and Peace

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