Interview with the creator of The Omicron

By Jeremy Norrie

I have actual medical needs for cannabis consumption  and as such I have been in search of the most healthy delivery method for our wonderful medicine.    

Seems like vaporizing is one of the potential answers but  the  technology  has been somewhat lacking. There are a few good home units but everything mobile has left me somewhat unsatisfied Until now, let me tell you about the newest and greatest vaporizer on the market,  the  OMICRON. It’s about the size of a pen, uses essential oils (you can even make your own), and works like a charm.

Battery power lasts a decent amount of time and the effi- ciency of the unit is hard to beat. Simply push a button and inhale, wonderful vapor fills your lungs and in sec- onds you have fallen in love. This tool is going to really help people, and I am excited to help bring it to you. Without any further wait, let’s talk shop with the creator of the Omicron.

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do this interview

Gary: It is our pleasure to be here to talk about our compa- ny and what we do. We like to learn and educate as best as we can and would love to answer all the questions that Treating Yourself magazine readers want to ask. Hope we do our best to answer all the questions as best we can.

Tell me how u got started with vaporizer industry & how you came up with the Omicron.

Gary: Well it was 2008 and I wanted to quit smoking, so a patient at Suite 215 collective in Van Nuys brought in a elec- tronic cigarette and said “man if you want to quit you should try this” and I looked at it and was amazed that you can have a safe way to smoke nicotine, so a week later we ordered a electronic cigarette kit from a online store and it arrived within a week.

As I was using a light bulb went off in my head saying why can’t we put cannabis in here. This is all how it started. This little idea gave birth to Thc Scientific and Delta9 Vapes. To this day we are trying to improve our technology to make it more efficient.

Did you have any interesting problems developing the product

Gary: Well the initial problem was that glycerin was not strong enough, so we set out to find the strongest glycerin based tincture, in 2009 we introduced our first cartridges with glycerin tinctures specifically made for this device. After feedback from close friends who are patients that it was not strong enough, we set forth to figure out what we can do to the glycerin formula to make it better. We tried to blend oils with glycerin but they do not mix, almost all cur- rent devices out there right now are using glycerin based cartridges that we developed 2 years ago, at that time we only had cotton cartridges to work with.

In 2010 we started working on pure oil cartridges without glycerin and found out that it was the strongest cartridge to date, there were draw backs to this also because people can only get 70-120 doses from each cartridge, we could not accept this, because our goal was to provide the best oil vaporizer and make it so that it would last 5 times more then what was our there, 100x stronger, and cost the same if not less, but we were limited to the technology as no car- tridge was ever made for oils. While we were talking to Mike at CRC he said to us “I’ll purchase these if it did not have cotton”. Well our goal was to have places like Cornerstone Research Collective have these devices so we set out to make cartridges for the Omicron vaporizer that would not contain any cotton, no glycerin, and make it 100x stronger then glycerin cartridges and last 5x longer than any other glycerin cartridge out there.

We would have been happy with 3x longer, that was our first goal because we just did not want to over shoot and under achieve. Well long story short, after many failed attempts and designs, countless hours of works, no sleep, busted knuckles (yes this really happened), bowls smoked and cartridges tested we had our first working prototype. We were happy that it was working. So we decided to try it out and assembled 10 cartridges by hand. Out of the 10, 3 failed after the first 100 doses but the other 7 just kept going to 400+ doses on 1 gram of oil. We were amazed and wanted to replicate this. So we assembled 100 cartridges and started to test 2 at a time with a vacuum being the test dummy. 2 people were sitting in front of a vacuum and just pressing buttons for 8 hours a day. We had a 1% failure rate on that but most of all the cartridges went to 600+ doses. Few died at around 400+ and I think 1 died at 150 doses. With this new cartridge we decided to have people go at it. We had a few live testers to see what it was able to do, and in con- trolled testing the cartridges lasted 900+ doses of heavy use. Our next step was to make sure it will last if used non- stop for 200 doses, one after another, it passed with flying colors. The cartridge was so hot at the end that we could- n’t touch it. And we are here with the current cartridge system that is a dual chamber, dual heating elements, 1 in each chamber, and a wick system. This current cartridge can provide 400+ doses for a gram, and will be able to vaporize almost all oils, just not the crappy black kind as that has too many impurities and leaks for some reason.

Are there any other similar products to the Omicron? and how is your product different?

Gary: Yes there are other products out there. Similar? Only in looks. All of these products out there are glycerin based, they are not even in the same league as the Omicron and have no research and development behind them. Some are even started knocking off on our cartridge system, but we will see what our attorney will say about that. If it does not

have the Omicron Logo,, or on it then it is a knock off. Let us know guys! People who did not do the research on this should not be rewarded with your business.

How has the Omicron come along since its first design?

Gary: The battery itself went through only one design change. Our original units were black with chrome, now our units are all chrome to stand out from the rest.

Is it popular? What are the opinions and  reviews  like? Gary: Well look at the forums, people are saying that we just changed the game, re-invented the wheel, or sliced bread. People do not leave home without it. It is the device that started the industry of oil vaporizers, and some people just need the Omicron to live a healthy life.

In the future, is there anything new for the Omicron or in general is there anything you are working on or have new plans for?

Gary: We are currently working on a cartridge that will replace the Ti or quartz Nail, well maybe just equal the amount of vapor it can produce at one time. I doubt it will replace glass, but it sure is going to be a competitor! We are working on a flower cartridge, the Persei Vaporizer, the 8 vaporizer, the Alpha vaporizer, and the Centauri vaporiz- er. We also have a few more tricks up our sleeve just wait and you will see that Thc Scientific aka is the king of vaporizers Just wait. Copy and paste people Copy and Paste.

The Omicron is awesome. I have been using mine non- stop for weeks now and I have got to say I have grown to need it. My time has been saved in so many  situations and the more it is with you the more you realize how ver- satile it is. There are so many situations where it comes  in handy, like when you are on the phone or using one hand to flip the channels on the remote.

It is so easy to do, and there are so many situations where oil dabbing just isn’t possible, it fills a gap that we never even noticed. So many people have got theirs and loved it, the enjoyment has been a great thing to watch. The pleasure of having someone come back after using theirs and say they loved it and tell me about how many great situations they had where they used it and it worked out great for them. The problems are so minimal and easy to avoid that having one slowly becomes an easy decision. More people will enjoy vaporizing this way also because of the added strength that comes from using a concentrated oil.  That   is one of the other great tricks this unit provides, the ability to use the strongest concentrated oils a person can obtain. Anyone can buy or make their oils as strong as they like and use the most desirable medicine they can find, no special type of juice pre-made and required for it to function properly. Anyone can make the concentrates this tool uses, there is no secret recipe. It was made for the masses to enjoy to the fullest, get one and start exploring.

If you want to buy an Omicron at a special Treating Yourself discount or in bulk orders, please go to (VAPE ON THE GO).

Thanks again to Gary from THC Scientific for taking the time to talk with us. I am sure these  units  are going  to get even bigger and more popular. With the time and care they have put into the development of this new design and any future products, it’s going to be very hard to make anything better or more efficient while remaining healthy and made from high quality materials. As people see and try these vaporizers they quickly realize why they actually don’t just want  one,  they  NEED  one.  Enjoy  these things to the fullest, we finally have a great portable vaporizer we can use just about anywhere! Good luck to everyone who gets a chance to buy one, they are so pop- ular the orders are going to be hard to keep up with! Make sure you all catch up with us again next  time,  if  you ever use a vaporizer you will want to give the Omicron a try. I don’t doubt you will want one immedi- ately! Maybe you have been thinking about some way to be a little more healthy, or you need a more portable way to vaporize, this will be the answer. Next issue we will talk about more cannabis related news. If you enjoy these articles, follow me @Professor420 on Twitter for more personal stories & behind the scenes details & pictures from my articles, including things that don’t make  it in the magazine, and get them as they happen live. Also don’t forget to check out to bet on fights and get the latest news about UFC and other Mixed Martial Arts. Go to  for  the very best DVD about Amsterdam’s Red Light District.  Take it easy, have fun, don’t believe the hype!

Find success and make it work for you.

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