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Hempfest 2005

The 7 Leaf reunion Bash It was another amazing year @ HEMPFEST despite the rumours

The 7 Leaf reunion Bash It was another amazing year @ HEMPFEST despite the rumours of an RCMP/OPP/DEA possible raid, the monsoon rains on Saturday and the sound problems we experienced Saturday Night. The weekend started off with a nice gathering Wednesday night of 40 or so travellers and volunteers. Thursday people started to arrive, by dusk most of the premier campsites were full and we had 350 people enjoying the stars, campfires and each other’s company. We had a little showdown at the beach and the Northern Lights were out and drifting above us.

Come Friday the campers were lined up the drive to come in at some points and there was a steady stream all day long. There were free giveaways all day long from the stage, pipes, papers, shirts, hats, stickers, cards and even pot was given away. Friday night Pailface Boogie, The 12 Gauge Ready and The Marantz Project entertained us. Robert Neron, Marco Renda, Diane Bruce, Steven Bacon and Rob Waddell made speeches. Saturday Morning we awoke to monsoon rains that lasted for 5 hrs, it rained hard as you can imagine, then it would rain harder, and when you thought it could not possibly rain any harder than it was, it did.

That rain storm was incredible, people were waking up in lakes where there once was nice ground to camp, tents were flooded, as well as a lot of clothing and sleeping gear. But the sun came out and dried things up, a lot of the swamped out campers moved their campsite to higher ground, some just left their tents and moved. I remember driving by one tenter and he said “Hey don’t get my tent wet”, yet his tent was in 4″ of water and in the middle of a 100′ pond that formed around him.

He was laughing as he called that out to us as he was in a good mood and laughing about his circumstance; he eventually gave up on his tent and left it. We donated it to the local Salvation Army Thrift Store. Now that the rain had stopped the ground in some places became very muddy and slippery as it is like a dirt/sand-clay mixture and it makes the most excellent Mud Slide, so what do you do when it rains and your all wet? Play in the mud, and that’s what a number of people did and became the “Mud People” of Hempfest 2005.

The rain was so bad it took out the sound system and we were without a P.A system for most of the day until about 5 PM, which at that time we got the contests underway. We also still had thousands of dollars of free stuff to give away as well as 5 pounds of marijuana that were donated to the festival to be given out free to those attending. Once we had a nice crowd assembled we got into the Contests.

The first contest was the Rolling Competition for Best Roller, defending his title was Robert Neron and he went up against Adam and Martin. We could use more participation in this contest, but when others view the competition they get a little scared we think. Robert rolled a very nice Peace Sign Joint as well as a 9 Leaf cannabis joint. Adam rolled a nice circle joint with a Dutch Tulip on the tip. Martin rolled a three-stage Roger Ram Jet. All joints smoked and burned nice but in the end, Robert Neron lost his title that he has been defending the past two years, the crowd picked Martin as the Best Roller @ Hempfest 2005.

Next up was the Junkyard Bong Wars Sponsored by CHILLS CANADA. Even with the rain people still had time to get some work done on their entries and we had several weird looking contraptions to smoke out of and judge. From an old BBQ to discarded jugs with birch bark, pill bottles and a few other contraptions we saw it all,
however, in the end, the guys with the Modified BBQ took home the trophy for BEST ORIGINAL JUNKYARD BONG as well as a
Neon Green 5′ Of Fury Acrylic Bong courtesy of CHILLS CANADA. For the Modified Category, the Mellon Bong took home the honors and the trophy for BEST MODIFIED JUNKYARD BONG as well as A Retro 20″ Old School Glass Bong from CHILLS CANADA. After the Junkyard Bong War, we moved to the 1-gram Sprint, which consisted of two heats of 15. Each contestant filled his or her bowl with a weighed gram of Willy’s Widow, which was provided. On the start gun they light their bowl and start to smoke, the
winner of heat 1 faced off against the winner of heat 2 for the title of Fastest 1 Gram Sprint of Hempfest.

The two finalists had a good buzz when they started the finals and both were shaking when it was complete. It was a close race with the title and bragging rights going to Jack. He also received a Purple Nightmare from CHILLS CANADA.

Once the smoke had cleared we brought out the Big Buds and had the BIG BUD WEIGH OFF. There were several fine specimens displayed, Afghani, Willy Jack, Northern Lights, California Orange and a few others. Robert Neron walked away with the Trophy for Biggest Bud and bragging rights till next year. His entry of Willy Jack weighed in at 28.8 grams of fully mature and cured cannabis. All entries were disbursed amongst the crowd.

After the fun and games were over and before the evening’s entertainment kicked in, we had other draws to do and more free bud to give away. TY had their draws for Volcanoes and Kelly from KDK had a few things to draw as well including a Volcano and a Got Vape Vaporizer, also raffled off were some nice works of art from Sam’s Custom Crafts Laplaya Glass. Saturday night we all settled in and watched the Puff Mama Wayward Comedy Show, these guys were hilarious and a must-see for everyone. After the Puff Mama
Show we had the Aerosmith Tribute show, which started off rocking, but 4 songs in the main breaker switched off and when they turned the power back on the soundboard was no longer operational. There we were without a PA system.

Thank-fully Pailface Boogie had a PA we could use to direct people to the second stage and to make announcements. Around 2 AM we were back up and running with the sound, unfortunately, Aeroforce had left, and the majority of revellers had gone to the second stage or bed, as it was a long day for most. But SIN CITY took to the stage and played some good old Rock & Roll till 4:20 AM then partied around the main fire with some acoustic stuff till daybreak.

Sunday’s activities consisted of a few bands that got rain delayed from the previous day, more free give-a-ways,
more mud people and lots of farewells and goodbyes till next year. Sunday also featured a Bubble Hash making demonstration by Steven Bacon, always a crowd pleaser. Ahhhhhh!! SUNDAY’S, if you were not there, you definitely missed something. As most volunteers and hosts and guest’s are not working that night and we get to party too. Some one said PARTY did we ever. At 12:00
midnight Robert Neron opened a 1/2 lb of the Willy’s Widow and yelled out loud that we would try smoking it (1/2 lbs ) by 4 20 am at which time he was going go to bed as it is a long drive the next morning. He must have rolled 500 joints and lit them all (or we tried) one after the other. At first, we were at least 75 to start with but by 4 am, only 13 of us were sitting at the tables to get high for the ONLY 420 we celebrated, even the camera crew were so stoned that they had to go to bed as they were not able to stay up for another 20 minutes hehehe.

People were so stoned, coughing, eyes crying, we saw it all. I even caught someone saying “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know to who to pass the joints to” (as he has 3 lit joints in hand and so did most of everyone else there) Someone said “You wanted to get high, you either smoke the joints or pass it ” He replied, ” But everyone else has 3 joints too “. Ha ha ha…We had a blast. I’m sure a few of you will remember SUNDAYS and I’m sure a few of them will stay for the “Sunday Staff Party” next year. As you never know what could happen there. But remember, the only way to earn the right to stay for the Sunday Night Staff Party is to become a larger part of this festival. So sign up today for next year’s event.

When it was all said and done, we had 900 people @ Hempfest 2005, down from previous years. But we all had an excellent time even with the rain, sound troubles and thoughts of an “Example Raid” as some people put it. The thought of a RAID and the fact we had monsoon rains no doubt held some people back. However, those that choose to remain at home surely regret not attending North America’s Premier Cannabis Event.

We would like to thank the Sponsors of Hempfest 2005 for their support for our 7th Annual Hempfest Chills, Canada Skunk Magazine, Puff Mama’s Cannabis Bakery,, The Amsterdam Seed Co. / Sativa Sisters B&B, Heads Magazine, Laplaya Glass, Red Eye Glass, Parties & Affairs.

For those wanting to check out pictures and to get a Limited Edition Hempfest 2005 Event T-Shirt visit We have received a very special request for next year’s festival and we will accommodate their special request. Next year there we will be having a Wedding. See everyone @ HEMPFEST 2006: WEDDING BELLS – AUGUST 24,25,26,27

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