Happy Daddy Pipe Tools

By Lexx

This is the perfect example of American technology and old school blacksmithing. Best part of this tool is that it is creating more jobs to train more workers for our under-employed state of Oregon.

If you have ever felt most hand made tools, they feel like they are not quite finished. Not so with these tools. The Happy Daddy line of tools; Pipe Pal, Bowl Buddy and Big Buddah are fabricated in a truly high tech shop. State of the art presses, polishing machines and metal fabricating that is at the cutting edge of technology. Producing tools that are a joy to hold and use, while being some- thing so nice it fits that niche of being one of the most highly prized bling blings to own and use for your own smoking pleasure. Surgical quality Stainless steel with a feel and balance reminiscent of a surgeon’s scalpel from days past when every tool was made by hand and the best felt like they were custom made for each and every individual user.

All those scrapers and spoons made of Aluminum will vaporize at a very low temperature adding a risk of exposure to illnesses caused by the breath- ing in of those Aluminum vapors.

The very low cost and lifetime of use of these tools makes them an essential part of every conscious smokers tool kit.

There is also the kindness behind this company that is employing and training young apprentices and many of the chronically un-employed of our state,to have a skill and a trade to keep them employed into their future.

There is so much forethought in these tools that as soon as you buy them and start to use them, you will discover even more uses for these most remarkable new products than even I could have ever thought up!

This tool, the company and folks behind it win my personal accolades for best new company and product for Medical Cannabis patients, Cannabis consumption.

I love it!!!

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