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Nearly a year ago, I wrote a premier new product article on Grow Switch.

After using this product for a year, I have got to really love this Grow Switch.

The first thing that must be said is this really, really works. Our greatest quest as organic farmers has been to find a way to equal the yield of conventional farm- ing, 100% organically. Having had a bad attack of spi- der mites in my last crop, I lost almost 25% of what I normally yield.

The surprising fact was that every bit of what I harvest- ed, down to the littlest buds, were dense, sweet smelling, and incredibly strong. I can attribute the yield and quality to Grow Switch and my very proven soil mix. My current garden has not had a single mite any- where since I shut it down and bleached the entire room, floor to ceiling, for two months straight.

The growth rates and tightness of growth in my current garden are spectacular. When the distance between nodes is an inch or so, the amount of budding sites that cre- ates is spectacular.

I am using the model Star Trek to demonstrate this growth. What can be seen in this extreme- ly tight growth in every direction are the vigor, great color, and health demonstrated by the plants in these pictures.

To be fair, I am using one of Grow Switch’s new products, Up Start (soon to be released), that literally rockets the plants up and out of sight in a totally symbiotic relationship with the medium being used, all again 100% organically.

It was with our last demonstration garden with Grow Switch’s newest product that it was discovered how well this new blend really works. We knew it was good. But it blew away our best wishes, performing like steroids do in athletes, building these plants up, giving them vigor, all while saving money and the environment by using HALF of the NPK nutrients/fertilizers that we normally use to bring our crops to harvest.

In a controlled study on mint by a well-respected horticul- tural lab, we have PROVEN results using half of the same nutrient/fertilizer blend, while achieving 35% more growth. Not only was there more growth; the plants in the test demonstrated a denser cell count, more uptake of nutri- ents, all while looking just plain better than the others grown as controls that were using twice as much of the fer- tilizer and nutrient as these test plants.

These photos taken over a month plus a few days demon-

strate this vigor quite well, all while showing the beautiful genetics of this variety, Star Trek.

That there is no loss of leaves where they are not receiving light, is of note. That rarely happens. Plus, when the primary leaves do have light on them, they are up and ready, neither drooping nor slow to react to the lights being turned back on. The Grow Switch has that noticeable an effect on the raising of the leaves to be receptive to the lights.

There is the further benefit after this organic enhancement, and that is really well illustrated by the runoff from my used soil. I have been regularly building up my flowerbeds and my trees with my used soil. The results have been stunning, with my raspberries reaching 12 feet while in the shade most of the day. But the runoff from this last batch of soil has a high residual amount of Grow Switch in it, resulting in a rich, vibrant growth of my lawn grass. It looks a darker green and seems to be choking out the dandelions because the grass is growing so strongly.

I would not be so positive in my review of this product if it did not do all that it claims to, and this Grow Switch does more. It does much more with much less.

On top of all that, good things are being pumped back into the environment at every stage of this product’s life. Oh, and did I mention that it comes in these really nifty recyclable aluminum bottles?

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