Free will

By Reverend R.J. Richer – Essene Priest

I am an Essene priest, in my journey I have ran 5 kung fu studios as a district manager, after this episode I ran two more studios solo. I am a reiki master, qi gong, shiatsu therapist, as well a practitioner of light and sound yoga.

During my journey I have always heard
pot was a drug, I partially felt, “Hey maybe these guys we are suppose to trust, like government officals, my doctor, even teachers,
they wouldn’t lie to us!”

Well I have to say my family background was one of vast experience, boot legging, drugs, you name it, it was there right in front of me. There were good times of course, but you start to develop a sense of truth and crap when you see it.

I finally see the crap, for what it is, marijuana is not a
drug, it is an herb, a food, a healer, a sustainer in life
whether we are human or animal.

I received an audio interview from a friend, this interview was with the men who developed aids on purpose, purely for the aim of creating
disease for money. For a while I thought , “this cant be, am I that naïve?”. Well I went to visit a friend in the city, downtown Toronto, he introduced me to Ryan. We began to chat about the aids interview I heard, Ryan just
looked at me and said,”Come here. I will show you the actual document for the application and request for funds to develop it”. I couldn’t help but think one final time, this can’t be. Yep there it was right in front of me.

An official US document for the development aids. Elizabeth Taylor
died a while back and left millions to the aids society, I guess they were right, they would make a lot of money.

A long time ago I was thinking about getting into a medical field of some kind, so I purchased an anatomy book. The only thing I was remotely interested in were endocrine glands. I read the info over, put the book down and knew inside, this is all the book offered of any value.

Recently I read info in the vitality magazine how, our food
and medicines have been manipulated to cause disease in
our glands.

How sad we live in a society that promotes commercialism and destruction.

I really try to keep out of the lime light as much as possible, this allows me freedom to serve and help others. The government really owns everything, they are the largest crown corporation there is. There is no field we can be in without a license or permit of some kind. Freedom is really only of a personal state of mind.

During the day I work as a delivery driver, I deliver to everyone, businesses of all kinds. Upon constantly hearing of the destruction and alteration of our foods and medicines, I started to ask business owners, specifically food and health industries with products before consumption
by the public, about what the government officials demand. One owner said” you do not want to know what the government tells us, I mean demands we put in our products, if we do not comply our license or permit is revoked”.

Another customer stated that a type of arrowroot cookie which is all organic is not allowed into Canada, unless Canada can bring genetically modified foods into their country. Everything is just part of an agenda.
Just the other day a customer told me of a 21 year old girl who carried her cell phone in her bra. Not feeling well of course she went to the doctor to find out she had cancer, they opened her up and the cancer spread everywhere.

The federal court in Quebec forced the government to admit, they have known microwaves to be dangerous since world war 2. Cancer is an epidemic, ½ people are expected to get cancer. Actually the cell phone is regarded as a weapon of destruction, due to microwaves. All diseases we are getting as human beings is directly related to mother earth. Any system in the human body relates to an element. As an example our water is being
polluted so we see more and more heart and circulatory issues. Of course with wifi and microwaves we have mental issues, nervous exhaustion, immune system issues, the list goes on.

The cures for everything are right in front of us and always have been. The regular public is classed in schedule 1, which of course brings criminal issues with it…. But the fda, big pharma, they get to grow marijuana, experiment, create drugs, and of course more business under schedule 2 and 3. Talk about the dice being rigged before you make your bet.

My wife which I love so much, we have been married for 33 years, has rheumatoid arthritis. Her specialist has received a reward two years in a row, he goes to Hawaii, all expenses paid for his great work. When my wife see’s him he says ”We have to double your dosage”. “Of course” she says – oh for sure, then comes home and takes less. In his office he has tons of suppliments he takes for himself but never recommends them to his patient. I have osteo, bone degeneration.

My family doctor almost ran me out of her office when I asked to get help with a card to legally smoke marijuana. She seemed scared of losing her license more than anything else.Because marijuana has been illegal we have searched and found what has kept our diseases in check, but not yet cleaned up. It is a particular type of energy work. I will get back to this
in a bit.

Marijuana I have realized can put a person back in balance, your weight, immune system, the brain, your blood, pain to peace, disease to health. I study a type of energy work that comes from a medicine-less hospital in china, they practise all day every day, right up until the disease is gone. What I found is this, why not start healthy with this work, then the journey for your mind and soul to merge can continue rather than be constantly aggravated with pain, bills and medicine.

Most of my work has been with sick people, we can rarely ever get to a point where they can continue to grow internally in a joyful and blissful
manner. You know….. that place in your heart and mind where you remember God in whatever name, no name. where life is joyful.
I dropped to the floor one day and could not get back up, my back was done. My journey on meds began. What happed is I had osteo arthritis since I was a kid and didn’t know it. My testosterone was so low disease was natural.

I was on 4-5 tylenol 4 a day while driving, my spine was curved and decayed. I was getting old fast due to the glands low in testosterone that kept me young. I used to fall asleep while driving, fall asleep at dinner.
Everything progressively got worse. For some reason I felt it was time to smoke pot. First my mind calmed to a point I could direct energy into my body easier. As time went on I went off of all medicine, the toughest was the testosterone, I was at a point where my body would not produce its own ever again, as long as I stayed on this drug. No thank you. I sent the lin institute an email for help, and they sent me some natural herbs which brought me back into balance, no more drugs.

I said to my wife marijuana is so powerful it can balance the body at all times and keep us in a state of health. This alone allows us to move forward in growth in all areas, we once again become a positive part of society. The
Fatherhood of God, and the brotherhood of man. Cannabis oil is so wonderful I can’t express my gratitude enough for this wonderful gift the creator has given us. All my grandparents died of cancer, and the cure was right before me, others kept it hidden. The time is here where it must be allowed to be what it is designed to be, an herb, a food, a medicine. Just the other day I read of a woman in china who is 125 years old and uses marijuana as an edible plant as a salad every day. My God the Essenes in
the old days lived to 125, even 140, ever wonder why, they loved nature and everything about it. Now I know why, it’s the marijuana plant and exercise that moves and creates life force.

I was taught that energy is all around in a pure form, to use at our disposal. Once you get in touch with this energy it moves according to thought and will power. For this energy to heal it must be directed in a gentle and loving
manner. I was taught four commands for this energy which are really simple but powerful. They are in-out, open-close, gather-disperse, transform–change, the last set of commands the most important. If you think about this for a minute doesn’t the marijuana and all its wonderful
cannibanoids, do this for our body when it allows or prevents substances from entering the brain barrier or cells in the body.

My grandson recently received his confirmation at church, I have always felt the church has degraded to a point where they don’t even know what a true religion is. The priest stood before us all and said – in the days of old the anointing was powerful, today we are not lucky enough to have this anymore. My God, true religion is a religion where communion is between you and God, with no middle man. No man or system has that right to take your choice away.

Now we have news of how the anointing oil used by the Hebrews and early Christians and even before this was done with marijuana. As a priest I always questioned the information about anointing and the oil used. I knew the bible had been rewritten and manipulated, but this takes the cake. For one anointing it was roughly about 65 lbs of marijuana, mixed with other herbs. The idea of smoking it was not its only use, a method or vehicle of opening up ones soul was the purpose. The church, the government and officials of all types, took away my freedom of choice. Truly marijuana is a key to bring all of us to a point of health, in all aspects physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually. One thing I know for sure the spirit of truth is sure, never ending and always there.

Truth will always be as it is, just as the wonderful hemp plant is. The truth has always been in the back of mind watching the silliness, the lies and corruption. I remember reading in a scripture… no matter how powerful a
group, individual, company, or how long the power lasts, it will eventually fade and fail if it is not based on what is right. Of course these are my own words, but you get it, all things must be based in truth and that which is good and all powerful.

God never imposes on our free will, ever, but of course man thinks it is quite ok. Thank you so much. Love and light to you all.

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