Feminized Seeds and a look at Aeroponics

By Delta9labs

Future Harvest Development PT64 aeroponics system with Delta-9 Labs Double Kush and Super Star varieties in 2 weeks of vegging.

Greetings Everyone,

In this issue I will be following-up on the feminized seeds being produced from Delta-9 Labs that have now been completed. We will also take an updated look as to how aeroponics and the Future Harvest Development’s PT64 system is working out.

We have had great success with the STS application and the results due to the vigorous and copious amount of pollen produced from the ladyboy reversed female plants. The buds have become completely saturated with seed pods. This is achieved by using 1 reversed plant for every

5 receiving plants of the pollen to make feminized  seeds with the STS method and our approach with this technique. The seeded plants continued to flower for their normal entire flowering cycle to assure that only the highest quality robust seeds are produced. We sometimes offer customers our “House Mix” collec-  tion of seeds since many seeds virtually fall to the floor as the plants are properly drying and when several varieties are drying at the same time. We therefore offer a house mix as we do not tolerate anything being unidentified. Indeed a great value and option when one prefers to grow several varieties together.

5 years, and at lower perhaps even freezing temperatures if they are properly dry enough for even up to 10 years and beyond such as proper seed vaults are created for. So, the long sought after and anticipated Delta-9 Labs fine selected fem- inized seeds varieties are ready to be released! Strawberry Skunk, Southern

The totally dried plants will then go from the drying  room to the 73 micron screen table to allow for the seeds to be removed from the buds while collecting the still valuable trichomes that remain to make hash and deriva- tives from. The seeds, each and everyone is individually finger inspected by pressing on the seed to guarantee strength parameters. This is indeed a painstaking task since pressing on thousands of seeds with only your fore-
finger can become quite numbing and a very time consuming process. Once the final seeds are quality sorted and selected they will enter a food dehydrator on the low- est air circulating setting for up to 10 days time to assure thorough shell drying. The next step is to package and identify the seeds in large thick lightproof foil envelopes which will be stored at room temperature for short term usage, 5-10 degrees Centigrade for longer storage from 1-

Lights, Magnum Platinum Haze, Fondue, and Kopasetic Kush awaits you!! Over 3 years in the making and the effort is well worth it and enjoyed in every inhalation we take.

For our continued update and report with the Future Harvest Developments PT64 system, we are thankful for their support and it shows in the thriving plants. We will continue to follow this setup through with photos in the forthcoming issues. There are two Delta-9 Labs varieties growing at the moment, Double Kush and Super Star. To keep everything simple for now and to hopefully excite you for the next issues, I will explain the setup as you see it here and running. The nutrients being used in this aero- ponics setup for the time being until organic/veganic options are available is the successful nutrients from

Future Harvest Development. The Ph is monitored between 5.3 to 5.8 and the EC is 2.2 in the vegging cycle and 1.6 in the flowering cycle. However in the flowering cycle the EC will fluctuate from week to week until  the last 2 weeks. The reason for this is that unlike soil, in aeroponics plants need different amounts of micro and macro nutrients and you need to give them what they need and when they need it. It all has to do with the levels of phosphorous and potassium. Therefore, It is para- mount to know something about the growing habits  of the varieties you are growing in an aeroponics setup.

Plenty of exciting and great information along with detailed photos is more to come.

Until next time, stay well & keep it real!

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