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Did You Vote? No…

By Stinky

Not voting results in INCOMPETENT LEADERSHIP! Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and other parts of Southern U.S.A with such a FURY that so many lives were lost and many more left homeless!
It took PRESIDENT BUSH far too long to respond to the needs of his fellow countrymen. Governments from around the world offered assistance to only be turned away. Governments that did send out supplies were told that their supplies DIDN’T MEET the STANDARDS when in fact these SAME SUPPLIES are given to soldiers on the front lines. I just hope that the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES wake up and VOTE & VOTE RESPONSIBLY for someone that will look out for them and NOT for those that LINE THEIR POCKETS! Come on PEOPLE! You can make a DIFFERENCE! Let’s not allow this NEGLECT to continue.

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