CVault – The Ultimate Humidity Controlled Storage System

By Skunk-mad

As we all know the growing stage is only the first step then comes the drying and curing stage. If like me you like a nice taste to your medicine then a good drying and curing technique is essential.

I have come across many differ- ent types of storage containers before glass, plastic even wooden but nothing like the CVault stainless steel con- tainers. These containers are built to last with 3 tight fastening side clamps and a very thick silicone ring to ensure total control over your medications drying/curing conditions also locking in all those wonderful smells. With the added humidipak these are a must to keep your medication safe and in top condition.

Here is a little more information on this great product.

The Ultimate Humidity Controlled Storage System – combin- ing the air-tight CVault with the 62% Humidipak creates the perfect holding environment for your herbal medication. The CVault maintains your medication at its ideal relative humidity, not losing or gaining any moisture. Instead, it will be maintained at its ideal 62% moisture level throughout its intended lifespan.

Design & Function

  1. Constructed of lightweight, durable stainless steel

2 Triple Latch design “locks in freshness”

  • Controls air, light and humidity preserving your product

We have been using several medium CVault con- tainers for the past 2 months and the medication that went in is still as beautiful now as it was when it went into the CVault containers. Sometimes when i use glass mason jars my medication can get to dry but with the combined humidipak system my curing has also improved with my medication feel- ing more spongy than crisp. A great must have product that keeps your medication in top quality condition for as long as required. What a find 10/10.

For more information please contact

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Science under the Lid

  1. Thick silicone ring ensures an airtight seal
    1. Pak holder, specially designed to hold your humidipak
    1. No Hassle, maintenance free system

62% Humidity Control

  1. Patented   2-way   humidity    control    technology, the Humidipak eliminates the humidity spikes and even the slightest fluctuations in humidity, preventing your herbs from losing any oils, character or flavor.
  2. Each CVault includes one 62% humidipak
  3. The components of the Humidipak are natural elements: salt and pure water. There are no chemicals used within and all ingredients are food grade approved. The Humidipak only allows pure water vapor in and out.

Interior Dimensions

Small CVault          diameter 3 ¼” x depth 1.75”

Medium CVault      diameter 4” x depth 2.25”

Large CVault          diameter 4.75″ x depth 2.5”

4XL CVault             diameter 6.5” x depth 3.5”

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