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  1. Community Development Threads / Posts Last Post If it pertains to the Online Community, you will find all the info you are looking for in the Community Development sub-forums.
    1. Site News and Polls Important announcements about the TY Online Community.
    2. Introduce Yourself(1 Viewing)First time posting on TY? Make yourself welcome here!
    3. Suggestions, Feedback & TroubleshootingHave an idea To help the community? Then what are you waiting for? Post it! Having a problem using this site and you can’t find the answer on the FAQ’s. Post it!Sub-Forums:
      1.  How Do I?,
      2.  Ask the Admin
    4. Treating Yourself MagazineThe Alternative Medicine Journal by Patients for PatientsSub-Forums:
      1.  Glass Culture Magazine
      • Threads: 81
      • Posts: 1,201 Echo Echo by T06-27-2016
    5. ShopHere you can find site Schwag (Not that kind, the good kind!) and Classifieds.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Gear
  2. LifestyleThreads / Posts Last PostDiscussions covering a wide range of topics. From love, spirituality, to games, movies and music. Everything and anything in between to fit your lifestyle!
    1. News(3 Viewing)What is happening in the world of Medical Cannabis.Sub-Forums:
      2.  NORML News
    2. Living with Medical Cannabis(2 Viewing)Open discussions on medical conditions and how Medical Cannabis can help.Sub-Forums:
      1.  ADHD & ADD,
      2.  AIDS and HIV,
      3.  Cancer,
      4.  Chronic Pain,
      5.  Crohns Disease,
      6.  Epilepsy,
      7.  Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
      8.  Multiple Sclerosis,
      9.  PTSD
    3. General Discussion(2 Viewing)Learn about new toys and shoot the breeze with other TY members. This is the general-purpose area, all abusive posts will be sent to the Recycle Bin.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Arts, Media and More!,
      2.  Member Milestones,
      3.  Joke Of The Day,
      4.  Chat Room,
      5.  Canna Love Connection,
      6.  Rant Room/Offtopic
    4. MemorialsA place to remember those who have gone before usSub-Forums:
      1.  Members,
      2.  Family & Friends,
      3.  Pets
    5. Veterans Forum(1 Viewing)A place for VETERANS from all NATIONS to mingle and share their thoughts and experiences
    6. Global Medical Cannabis(14 Viewing)Sub-Forums:
      1.  American,
      2.  Australia,
      3.  Canadian,
      4.  Czech,
      5.  Dutch,
      6.  French,
      7.  German,
      8.  Italian,
      9.  Japanese,
      10.  New Zealand,
      11.  Polish,
      12.  Portuguese,
      13.  Russian,
      14.  Scandinavian,
      15.  Spanish
    7. The Lounge(2 Viewing)This is the place to come and sit down and discuss your method of medication, smokers and vaporizers welcome.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Smokers Lounge,
      2.  Vapor Cafe
    8. Security, Legal & Activism(1 Viewing)Garden and Internet security issues. Discussions of current and proposed law and how it affects you, the medical user. Discussions of activism and full legalization too.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Activist Corner
    9. Spirituality(1 Viewing)“A calm spot in the river of life.” Join us for in-depth spiritual discussions.
  3. CultivationThreads / Posts Last PostHere members can share ideas pertaining to growing Cannabis
    1. Ask the Mentors(2 Viewing)This section is devoted to all new growers whom may have questions. This is a select group of knowlegable growers here to help with any questions along the way.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Ask a Botanist
    2. Grow Information(4 Viewing)First time growing? Advanced grower? No problem, find what you need here!Sub-Forums:
      1.  Indoor Growing,
      2.  Outdoor Growing,
      3.  General Gardening,
      4.  Organic Cultivation,
      5.  Sick Plants & Problems
    3. Advanced Techniques, Breeding & Experiments(2 Viewing)New techniques for Cannabis Cultivation, breeding, hybridization.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Biochemistry,
      2.  Breeders Lab,
      3.  Hybridization
  4. Harvest & PhotographyThreads / Posts Last PostShare your Photos, Recipes and Stories with us!
    1. Plants & BudshotsTY Photo Forum! Please resize your pics to a reasonable size please!
    2. Hash & Oil(1 Viewing)One of the best results from growing Medical Marijuana is the high quality hash and tinctures.
    3. Community Photo GalleryInspiring artwork, your favorite glass pieces, pets, and other off topic photos. No pornography permitted!
    4. RecipesCooking with Medical Marijuana.
  5. Reports & EvaluationsThreads / Posts Last PostGrow/Smoke Reports, Sponsors Product Evaluations, and more!
    1. Grow Reports(1 Viewing)Detailed member grow logs start to finish.
    2. Smoke Reports(1 Viewing)Share Your Smoke Reports With Us!
    3. Strain Breeders(14 Viewing)Feedback on strains from various breeders both well known and unknown. Please review the Seed Bank only at the Seed Bank Evaluation subforumSub-Forums:
      1.  The Cali Connection,
      2.  Big Buddha Seeds,
      3.  Celtic Stone,
      4.  Chimera,
      5.  Dinafem Seed Bank,
      6.  Dj Short,
      7.  DNA Genetics,
      8.  Dragon Masters Seed Co.,
      9.  Dutch Passion,
      10.  Flying Dutchman,
      11.  Green Life Seeds,
      12.  Greenhouse,
      13.  Growdoc Seeds,
      14.  Homegrown Fantaseeds,
      15.  Lowlife Seeds,
      16.  M Danzig,
      17.  Magus Genetics,
      18.  Mandala,
      19.  Mr Nice,
      20.  No Mercy,
      21.  Paradise Seeds,
      22.  Peakseeds BC,
      23.  Provision Seeds,
      24.  Sagarmatha,
      25.  S_a_H Seeds,
      26.  Sensi Seeds,
      27.  Serious Seeds,
      28.  Soma,
      29.  Sour Seed Co.,
      30.  Swampy Seeds,
      31.  Sweet Seeds,
      32.  TGA Genetics,
      33.  T.H. SEEDS,
      34.  Tricloud Genetics,
      35.  Joint Dr
    4. Seed Bank Evaluations and DiscussionsSeed Company Evaluations. Post your experiences GOOD or BAD. Please state what you ordered and when and how long it took for the vendor to reply. Focus on the seller, grow and Smoke reports have their own subforums.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Attitude Seed Bank,
      2.  Classic Cannabis Seed Bank,
      3.  Female Seeds,
      4.  Nirvana Seeds,
      5.  Archives
    5. Grow Equipment & SupplyGive us your feedback on equipment and supplies you have purchased/used in your grows.Sub-Forums:
      1.  Sponsors Product Evaluations

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