Class Glass

by Jef Tek Photos by Kaara Heywood

On June 12th, 2012 our favorite glassblower and friend RedBeard’s home, just north of Vancouver got busted! The RCMP raided his modest, LEGAL, Health Canada Licensed, grow room and took just about everything that was not nailed down. They took his growing equipment and his glass blowing equipment as well, apparently not knowing the difference. As of July 24th, 2012, there has been no disclosure from the Crown. A waste of taxpayer time and money and RedBeard’s time and money. They still won’t even give him back his legal medicine.

RedBeard’s lawyer; Kirk Tousaw  is filing papers for a Constitutional Challenge on July 29 – Their  first  court date. Tousaw  will Question the validity of the MMAR program, as well as to address how doctors are prescrib- ing plant numbers only to have Health Canada refute and even threaten the medical professionals, (THE DOC-  TORS) who are now being hunted and ostracized for choosing a plant over a pharmaceutical…

This is Happening to our  beloved  Editor  and  Chief, Marco Renda’s doctor as we speak…

This is obviously an on-going battle for all of us in the drug war and for RedBeard there is no exception.

The truly amazing part of this story is that RedBeard was consigned to make all the glass trophies for this year’s First annual Kush Cup, sponsored by Treating Yourself and many others. On top of this, he also had his own Second- Annual Glass Blowing Convention, held just three weeks prior to contend with. Marco went to the glass blowing party and we got to go to the Kush Cup, it all worked out brilliantly.


I’m still not quite sure how he did it; being evicted from  his premises for 3 weeks, and not being able to work for four, but he came-thru with beautiful cups, bubblers and accessories. I’m proud to know the man.

I am also the proud owner of a beautiful Second Place Sativa Cup for my legendary Afghani Bullrider. We got photos of RedBeard, and his all-volunteer crew, hoisting massive 185 lb. Liquid Oxygen cylinders and huge Acetylene tanks, used for forming glass until molten and then slowly cooling in a computer-controlled kiln. The whole process is so involved and time consuming, it’s hot, laborious, and not very glamorous sometimes. The artistry mixes with surgical precision yielding beautiful breakable moments in time. I feel so honored. Here’s to the friends, fellow glass  blowers,  sponsors, (don’t forget the sponsors) and RedBeard would like to personally and wholeheartedly thank each and every sin- gle person who came out to the event.

We could have not done it without you!
Thanks RedBeard – you classy.glassy dude!

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