CannaCon Detroit, Michigan will be at the COBO Center in Detroit, Michigan on June 21st and 22nd.

CannaCon Is Helping Michigan Get Medical Marijuana Right

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Getting your medicine right should be easier these days.

You don’t have to chase your dealer around anymore, and certainly legalization should have taught us some more about how to prepare cannabis.

I mean, I never knew a dab could do so much for anxiety, pain and sleeplessness. Regardless of whether cannabis is legal where you live or not, it’s still not as easy as it should be.

Take a place like Michigan. Voters in the Midwestern state chose to make medical marijuana legal in 2012, but not a single store opened to sell medical cannabis until November of 2018. Something else happened last November as well. They legalized recreational marijuana too and lawmakers are looking to make setting up the industry a much smoother process than the medical cannabis market.

CannaCon is one of the first cannabis conventions for businesses in the United States.

CannaCon is one of the oldest running business cannabis conventions in the United States. They feature row upon row upon of all sorts of cannabis businesses including medical marijuana doctors, dispensaries, cultivators and delivery services. You can find insurance for your cannabis company, advertisers, marketers, lawyers and accountants. Wholesale distributors are there as well selling all sorts of equipment like lighting, greenhouse technologies, extraction and trimming equipment. Seasoned professionals also speak at the seminars and are available to chat with you to help you learn the dos and don’ts of the industry.

Since Michigan is the only Midwest state to offer cannabis recreationally, which it’s all medicinal in my opinion, a lot of people from neighboring states are likely to come checkout the Michigan market. People need to get away from the stresses of life and vacation is one of the best ways to blow off some steam. Especially if you can your hands on some high quality cannabis. Imagine sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan with a joint in your hand while chatting with loved ones. Sounds like the perfect recipe for some solid R&R.

That won’t be happening anytime soon if growers in Michigan are not organized and ready for an onslaught of tourists. Licenses in Michigan allow growers to either have 500 plants with a Class A license, 1,000 plants with a Class B license and 1,500 plants with a Class C license. It’s not easy to optimize grow cycles and in the beginning the demand can be extraordinary and dispensaries can run out. Especially if you take into account that next April is the biggest 420 holiday of all time.

Here is our hope for the state of Michigan’s struggling economy. We hope cannabis companies embrace conventions like CannaCon and network like there is no tomorrow. The opportunity to sell this medicine on the highly anticipated month long event that April of 2020 is going to be is crazy. If companies are not organized or do not have the right setup to pump out product next April, patients are going to be scraping bowls like crazy. When you need to get some relief, you are going to get it done however you can.

The CannaCon exhibit floor features cannabis packaging and processing wholesalers and many other companies for networking.

Research is finding more and more about the medical benefits of cannabis. The entourage effect is capable of some amazing things like possibly treating mental disorders as severe as schizophrenia. We know it reduces seizures in patients with epilepsy and helps with anxiety disorders like PTSD. Getting the ever important night’s sleep is essential and medical marijuana works wonders for that. They even think it might be the solution to drug addiction relapses if you can imagine that. The medicinal value of cannabis seems almost endless.

It always boosts spirits when business is going well too. Like I mentioned, April 20th next year should be quite the opportunity for Michigan. It’s not just about the weed though. Visitors will eat at restaurants, shop in the towns and want to make the most of their time in Michigan. Good times look like they are right around the corner for the people of Detroit and its surrounding areas. Again though, that is very dependent on how well business is running in the cannabis space. Having a bunch of frustrated and angry tourists will not be helping anyone out.

Tickets are affordable too. If you get your tickets before June 2nd you can use early30 for 30% off. The convention will be at the COBO Center in Detroit on June 21st and 22nd. It’s a great place to network and find the best practices on how to create the best kind of medicine this good Earth bestowed upon us. Get tickets HERE.

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