By Skunkmad

As some of you know I love making bubble hash from my left over sugar trim and until now I have made it by hand which can be a pain, doing the agitating with a kitchen whisk or electric drill around water is by no means safe but it did the job ok until I came across this great new self contained machine.

The name of this machine is the Bubbleator and was devised by Mila Jansen the owner of the pollinator company and who has been part of the cannabis scene in Holland since the 1960,s. Mila was the original bubble hash maker and came out with the bubble bag system first which you get with your Bubbleator system, they are called ice-o-lator bags which you use to filter your hash through and come in 8 different grades from 220u-25u so you catch every precious tri-chome that comes out of your Bubbleator.

The Bubbleator is the latest development from Mila’s Pollinator Company. It has a 400 gram capacity and is geared towards professional intensive use and a rapid turnover.

The system is a complete fully operational setup. The setup is compact and discreet. It is light and can be transported with the built in handles.

It features a drive system that invokes motion of the plant material through non-intrusive means.

Now for the first test run.

I had 200g of sugar trim and proceeded to fill the pyramid bag with it, I then put 10l of water and 1.5kg of ice into the Bubbleator machine followed by the pyramid bag con- taining my trim. The lid was then closed and the timer set to 15 minutes to give the mixture a good agitation to remove all the precious trichomes. When I make hash by hand I spin for 20 minutes so that what I did with the Bubbleator. Once spun in the Bubbleator I opened the lid and removed the pyramid bag to leave just the water con- taining the lovely trichomes which when filtered through the ice-o-lator bags will leave some beautiful bubble hash.

I set my ice-o-lator bags in order smallest 25u(micron)- 220u(micron) in a bucket and set the Bubbleator above my bucket so gravity will do its thing. I started to empty the Bubbleator with the handy pipe on the side of the machine

which only took a couple of minutes and then the mixture was now in the ice-o-lator bags and ready to be pulled out.

I had 8 bags but only used 5 of them and the 1st out was the 220u bag which is basically to catch any unwanted material which was minimal, but still around 3g of bubble hash. Now onto the good stuff the next bag was the 185u bag which held around 5g of bubble hash, next was the 120u bag which had slightly less than the 185u bag at just over 4.5g. Now onto the money bag the 70u bag which to my surprise had an amazing 11g of full melt bubble hash. Finally the 25u bag which also surprised me with just over 7g so my total yield was around 30g of excellent bubble hash. When I make it by hand I usually get a 8-10% yield so with a 30g yield from 200g was closer to 15% which is an excellent result and a much safer way to make bubble hash. If you also like making bubble hash I would highly recom- mend that you look into a Bubbleator machine. It is a much safer way to produce hash with it being a self contained system with an increased end yield and as bubble hash is so nice the Bubbleator machine is definitely the way of future bubble hash making.

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