Big Hitter Golf Pipes

By skunk-mad

When I look for a pipe, bong etc there are a few things I take into consideration, the most important being functionality and secondly how the piece look’s.

I know that look’s should not come into it but when adding a piece to my collection I want a nice looking piece that will amaze my friends and that is what I have found with the Big Hitter Golf Pipe collection.

These pieces are all one of a kind, so much attention to detail has been put into every piece and the toke of them is excellent very smooth and as the name suggest “big hitting”.

When I heard the story of how these pipe’s came to be I thought it was a great and worthy of sharing with you so here is a little for the Big Hitter Golf pipe  creator  Tom. The golf club pipe originated over 30 years ago in a small workshop in my basement. It was wintertime in Iowa. I was a golf professional who had very little to do during wintertime in Iowa. I had clients who knew I could assem- ble custom golf clubs. During the golf season in the Midwest, I operated a golf club  repair  shop,  specializing in refinishing golf clubs. Many golf clubs would break or crack around the neck of the head.

One day I was looking at the wooden golf head compo- nent and realized that with just two small drilling opera- tions, I could have a pipe.  Wow,  cool.  I made  about  ten  of these for my friends from these broken clubs. Everyone loved them. I know of three which are still in operation.     I awoke one day in December 2010, thinking of those pipes. I lay in bed wondering if it could be done again. Wooden golf clubs have not been mass produced  since the 80’s. Where could I get enough material to make a business of this? I got online and searched for wooden golf club heads. I searched garage sales, golf pro shops, anywhere I might find these rare items. Bingo, I found a supplier who had left over golf heads in  a  storeroom. Boy, were they glad to see me. I tinkered for weeks on function, design and cost. Now, it’s only a  month  later, and I have a finished, professional product. The only ones in existence, as far as I know, have all been hand crafted by me. The beauty of each pipe makes me proud. They are elegant and each is uniquely hand made from genuine USA persimmon wood.

After making the wooden pipes from genuine USA Persimmon wood, the idea crossed my mind about making a metal version which is more contemporary with today’s times, maybe even fill it with water and make the Big Hitter water pipe. I worked on design with a golf company to make the metal casting for me.

After months of design work, we had it to a beautiful product. The pipe does not rust and can be cleaned quite easily, just like a glass water pipe. It will not break like a glass pipe can. The Big Hitter water pipe is cast from an aluminum alloy and produced in one of the factories which make some of the finest golf equipment in the world.

The Big Hitter line of golf club pipes is unique to the smoking industry. There is no comparable product on the market today. Truly one of a kind and very durable  pieces.

The Big Hitter Golf company make 3 different pipes, a wooden pipe, a water pipe and the golf ball pipe, here is   a little more information on each pipe.

The original Big Hitter wooden pipe.

This is the original Big Hitter Golf Pipe. It is hand made from genuine USA Persimmon wood as all top  quality golf clubs were made of some thirty years ago. The face   of the Pipe has brass screws and a brass club face insert. The Pipe comes with a brass bowl and brass lid hole. There is a rush hole at the toe end of the head. The plas- tic mouthpiece can be unscrewed. Each pipe is hand fin- ished in a polyurethane sealant. They are truly a work of art and are quite unique.

The Big Hitter water pipe

This Big Hitter  Golf  Club water pipe. It is made of a titanium/alu- minium alloy, just as the new golf clubs are made of today. It will not rust

or break. The Pipe is casted in one of the leading golf club manufacturer’s foundry. The Pipe comes with three attachable pieces, a glass bowl, a rubber funnel grommet, to hold the bowl and a plastic mouthpiece. The finish on the pipe is a gradient red and black. Simply, beautiful.

The Big Hitter golf ball pipe

This is the newest edi- tion to the Big Hitter line-up, the Golf Ball Pipe©.

A  solid  companion to your   big   hitter,   this handy little piece is great for taking out on the course. A great hit is always in reach when you have your  trusty Golf Ball Pipe close by.

Ball colour and manufacturer will vary, which adds to the uniqueness and allure of these handmade pipes.

I have been using the Big Hitter Water Pipe and the Golf ball pipe for several weeks’ now and they perform very, very well. The golf ball pipe is just the right size for when we go on small visits to family and the Big Hitter has not been put down by anyone that has smoked from it, peo- ple just cannot get over how well made these pieces are and more importantly how well they hit the spot.

These have made one excellent addition to my collection and I personally think the creator has made something really special and unique. It just goes to show that a little bit of inspiration can lead to a wonderful creation.

If you would like more information on these great piece’s please visit who will be more than happy to help you out.

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