An Ounce Of Kush?

By Emily Ryan 

Kush Perfume is a 1oz. bottle of unisex eau de parfume that is blatantly intended to smell like the sweet scent of Kush.

Like the cover of a book, this box is designed to attract the average pot culture consumer with its shiny golden script and alluring close- up of an appetizing pink haired bud.

Even as you open the box, the lush imagery implies that the user must harvest the bottle right out of the flourishing background.

But that’s where the Kush tease ends. Unscrewing the cap carefully (this one doesn’t spray on), I immediately inhale a sweet smell…but not of Kush.

The dominant scent of Kush Perfume is unmistakably Musk. A secondary sweet vanilla aroma pleasantly mellows out the darker woodsy smell of the musk. With a subtle baby powder and a hint of floral, this perfume leans towards being a more feminine scent.

However, due to the masculinity of the musk, it does pass as being unisex. A welcome change from the predictable patchouli. But who cares? Where’s the Kush!!??

According to their web site,, this perfume is “formulated to mimic the finest Kush marijuana

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