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Greetings Everyone,

In this issue I will be following-up on the continued progress of the STS feminized seeds in development by Delta-9 Labs. In addition I will include a tidbit on the state of the industry from my point of view as well as looking into Delta-Labs standardizing results with aeroponics in collaboration with a dedicated company with over 20 years experience by the name of Future Harvest Development from Canada.

The plants that you see in this series represent reversed pollen received female plants between 7 through 9 weeks bloom, and the reversed plants that had pollinated  them at 3-5weeks flowering and releasing their pollen. Take note that the reversed plants appear somewhat confused and stifled as the flowers are wanting to grow to become acrystallized bud already starting at 2 weeks with many varieties and now they are expected to be gender reversed while the humidity from the bud development interferes with the production of pollen. Even in the early testing stages the ethics of even considering this method appeared to be motivated mostly by money, laziness and shortcuts. The stabilization process of creating proper strains requires one to work through the breeding process to eliminate any shortfalls. Producing feminized seeds allows

illustration by any new producer of seeds the need to only acquire any- one’s clone to make feminized seeds, it also eliminates the need to sex out many seedlings and work throughthe 2 years of testing and selecting before releasing a new vari- ety. For most growers working with limited space and a plant count to consider, it becomes an advantage for small scale feminized seed producers. For good or bad it hap- pens to be the most sought after choice for customers these days who think sexing out plants is difficult which it is not, as well as those who factor in the plant count issues and risks to take into consideration. The cannabis seed industry is beginning to become a similar scenario to when photography went from analog to digital. It did more than just speed up the process. However for Delta-9 Labs, and as the founder, breeder and everything in between that makes our company strive towards setting the highest standards for all others to follow, we choose to flow by passion over profit. Therefore rushing to release feminized seeds only in the name of greater profits is just not perfect or good enough for us. Also, by being a bonafide medical cannabis patient I prefer to inhale cannabis that has not gone through any manipulation process. To feel totally comfortable standing behind the production and sale of feminized seeds I have to know that they must be some of the finest a customer can procure.

People in business that are movers and shakers at the top in their field often discuss how the state of the industry is that they are a part of. Unfortunately for the cannabis/medical marijuana, and cannabis seed industry it becomes stifled as it is an unregulated industry mainly due to illegality. Putting it into several groups of interest from sectors including the major pharmaceutical compa- nies, the seed companies/breeders, the activists, and last- ly the stoners. Players in the industry have to consider their level of professionalism they bring to doing busi- ness based on ethics and the way other professional busi- nesses flow, otherwise they will fail faster than fast as everything becomes more and more transparent. The first major step is the necessity for cannabis to be rescheduled from a class 1 drug stated to have no med- ical value which we all know is a huge corrupted lie. I have friends and colleagues the World over who have never touched cannabis and are now reaching out to me for advice and considering trying it as legitimate medica- tions continue to fail on some of the hardest maladies. The most recent contact having Parkinson’s Disease. With regards regulation and my personal view of the

seed business for example, Delta-9Lab’s goals is to fol- low in the professionally successful protocols of the fruit and vegetable industries. By introducing “born on date” identification, bar & QR coding, and proper ethics cer- tainly needs to be established. In a recent TY issue a col- league discusses how so many seed companies product packaging methods exposes their seeds to sunlight. I have asked myself for many years already, why would anyone want to expose their viable seeds to light and humidity in the cannabis seed business when not one flower/vegetable company I could find would even con- sider this method. Go figure? This is only one aspect involving quality control and to help avoid oversight for example. When it comes down to other aspects such as  a governing body to help oversee safety, production, dis- tribution and so forth, who is to come forward to help create such a group? Delta-Labs strives in everything that we do to set some of the highest standards possible, therefore our team will be more than willing to facilitate with such an issue. Honesty, integrity, values,  ethics, trust are just the beginning to Delta-9 Labs way of think- ing and raising our children and plants alike.

Lastly for this issue I would like to thank and welcome aboard Delta-9 Labs GlobalPartners, Future Harvest Development for sharing in our vision of top quality, highstandards, and utmost professionalism. Future Harvest Development is a top notch agricultural company committed to creating lasting products that facilitate  with  ease while producing heavier healthier harvests. We joined forces based on our previous success using their aeroponics PT64 plant system. Our goal is to expand on this system for the best interest of medical patients and to create stan- dardized continuity with this system while being able to introduce an entirely 100 percent organic/veganic nutrient line, as this being our preferred method of agriculture. I will list the pros and cons of aeroponics in this issue briefly and then get right into the system set up and ready to grow for you in the two remaining issues to follow. I have included a simulated photo of the PT64 aeroponics system.

Get ready for the next issue folks!!

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