A working example of Mr. Nice Critical Mass

Clone grown in a SOG technique

By Shantibaba

We have each room set up to be automatic in all senses of climate. Tables are made on site to fit 6 plants wide and usu- ally 60 or 70 plants long so lights are optimally used.

Small walk ways stretch between the tables but the plants can grow into these spaces from two different tables, thus maximising all light exposed area.

The tables allow air to flow under the plants and above so no moulds can get too comfortable in still spaces in our rooms.

We usually place all pots on the tables and fill them with a coco fibre medium. Then we bring in the clones from their pre-grow area and plant them directly into the pots.

Once we fill up all pots we directly stack a dripper into the pot or two depending upon the pressure we have.

Once all plants are tested for water coming from the drippers installed we soak the plants always running the water coming off the pots to waste since the potential problems of infecting an entire crop by using a recycled water system is too economically devastating for our growers.

It means a little more food is used but not really a factor to worry about when running 1000s of plants in a grow room or flowering room.

Our new reverse osmosis machine is constantly on filling a holding tank that is attached to a feeding computer and 3 sep- arate tanks of Grow, Flower and micro concentrates set to the desired EC for Mr Nice Critical Mass plant. The Ph adjustment comes after the food is mixed and then the automatic sprinkler system waters the plants for 3 to 5 minutes each hour or as set to the stage of the plant.

The climatic conditions are set for daytime temperatures and humidity with air-conditioning also linked in with sensors. This allows incoming air to increase or decrease in line with exhaust- ed air as well as maintaining humidity and temperature to 28C and 50% at all times and irrespective of the climate outside. CO2 levels are also set to our sensor and maintained to varying levels depending upon day or night times. A backup generator is wired in to an emergency system to keep the room from cut- ting out if a power failure exists. Our lights are programmed to turn off every second light if temperatures exceed maximums set, and our exhaust ventilators and incoming ventilators are on 5 phase speed settings which can be automatically linked or manual over ride if it is necessary.

Our plants grow in consistent climatic conditions with good clean water and nutrient specifically catering for Mr Nice Critical Mass, EC 2.2-2.5 ,ph 6.0-6.2…thus flowering in 7 weeks to full potential.

When we began in a new country we had a lot of trial and error lessons. It cost us time, money and heart break as well as lots of hours working. We thought 500-600 g/m2 would mean 2 crops pay off the room of 80 lamps, which was not far from wrong. The only thing is getting 350 or less meant we would be working this room for far longer to pay back the initial cost without any return. However as we reduced all the possible variables and honed our ways for this specific plant we went gradually from 350 to 550 g/m2, to 650-700 g/m2 and then with some new machinery and all the gained knowledge along the way plus reverse osmosis system we are now consistently obtaining 900-1000 g/m2 with Mr Nice Critical Mass clone.

Cannabis and learning how to grow on different mediums with different techniques taught most of us how to think like farmers. The knowledge we gained through hands on experi-

ences with a lot of patience thrown in has made us into pro- fessionals in a renegade industry until now. A business that is now moving into an industrial time. Trial and error is time con- suming and costly when it is not on your side but with persist- ence it pays you back 100 fold!

One last thing to make mention why SOG maybe something seriously to consider. When a former Mexican Prime Minister endorses an ex-Microsoft partner (who wishes to corporately brand Cannabis in the USA) to endorse the release of a woman charged in Mexico for trafficking 5.5kg and she is released with the help of mainstream media including CNN, one should surely consider this maybe a big step towards normalisation. This was an industry in waiting, but it seems 2013 the waiting is finished!

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