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A TY Member’s Sensible Point Of View

As it stands, most law-abiding citizens are forced to commit illegal acts simply to acquire Marijuana for their own use, be it for pleasure or medicinal use. Cryptic telephone calls must be made to friends who know other friends who met this guy in a bar once and who might be able to find something for you through his cousin’s friends…for a ridiculously high price, that is. Then you may find yourself meeting this unknown person– the drug “pusher”– in a very unsavoury neighbourhood. He asks you what you want. You tell him. He smiles convincingly and takes your money. “You wait right here…” he tells you. “…I’ll be back in a minute.”

Waiting for him to return with your purchase, or perhaps not return at all, the buyer realizes that they are actually standing in a dark area of an unfamiliar street in a not-so-nice part of town, with scary-looking faces staring and wondering what a decent sort of person is doing in this part of town. They also may be wondering if you have any cash with you. Then the obvious question fills their mind…What am I doing here?!

police to turn up at any moment. You try to see what you’ve just bought but he tells you, “No! Not here, dude! Just look at it when you get back to your car…” Let’s face it…he’s just interested in getting you out of his hair so he can go and spend the hard-earned cash you just handed over to him. Or maybe things don’t go as planned at all and there’s trouble of some sort. It may arrive in the form of violence against you (robbery, rape, all just because you’re in the wrong neighbourhood at the wrong time), or perhaps the police make an appearance and you are taken in for questioning, which could lead to financial problems in securing legal counsel, court fees, job loss, a ruined reputation, etc.

Sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well don’t despair, my friends. All of these undesirable events could have easily been prevented. Dealing with dodgy people is simply not the way to go! Stay home, stay safe, and stay happy!
Growing high-quality Marijuana for your own personal “head stash” really doesn’t have to involve rocket science. It’s a simple matter of using your common sense and a small measure of technical knowledge which is available to anyone at any time in the form of Cannabis forums ( is arguably the best of these and is geared toward the medical grower/user) where people who also grow their own medicine can chat and post messages asking questions about how to grow a decent crop. They are very keen to help!

Armed with knowledge gained from these forums you can make the lighting and the nutrients and the air-flow all work together to make your grow a fun and most rewarding challenge!

There are a number of common, popular methods used to
grow indoor Marijuana. These include NFT (nutrient film technique) where the plants are grown in long, low tanks filled with a nutrient solution that is continually flowing over a portion of the roots. A flood-and-drain system works by pumping the nutrient solution into the plant’s container to completely cover the roots at pre-determined intervals, and then the fluid is drained back into the reservoir. There are also bubble-pots, DWC (Deep Water Culture) and a smorgasbord of other tried-and-true methods to choose from. Just select the method that best suits both your abilities and whatever constraints you have to work with area-wise.

You may also grow Marijuana indoors in regular terracotta plant pots that can be found at any garden supply shop. This is the easiest and least expensive way to cultivate your medicine. But with any method you choose for growing your Marijuana, there are a few points that make all the difference in the world to the final product. Lighting! Watering! Proper nutrients! Temperature! Air Flow! So use the forums! Learn from them! And let’s all work together to make growing your own reality for everyone
who needs it!

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