A Look at Mila’s Journey

By Marco Renda

Mila’s journey is a documentary about an icon of sixties Amsterdam Mila Jansen and her return to India after more than 30 years to retrace a 1500 kilometre trip and find her old guide and others from that trip after Mila’s late husband who is dying of cancer hands here a suitcase of 8mm film from an incredible journey they took high into the Himalayas in 1976.

Mila’s journey juxtaposes modern images with the 8mm footage her husband gave her.

The film does pay homage to her love of India, spirituality, adventure, freedom and female independence. One notices from very early in the film Mila’s outlook and approach to life are and were shaped by this journey and can sense some disappoint Mila has on her return.

Mila see’s how much has changed both physically and spiritually.

Mila who owns the Hemp Hotel and invented the pollinator machine is referred to by many as the Queen of hash and opened what may be considered to be Amsterdam’s first coffee shop Kink 22.

It was the constant police harassment at this shop coupled with stories of India from a recent guest that prompted the trip to India.

The film could have given more insight into Mila’s Cannabis life and accomplishments. Very little is said in regards to this.

The film is only 65 minutes long so there was ample time to expand on Mila’s life in Cannabis. Having said that the whole film could have been longer, I was left wanting more. It was a good film that clearly showed Mila’s love of India and her great outlook about life and change, but for anybody who doesn’t know about Mila previously you don’t get the whole picture and I personally felt that I watched part of a good, interesting movie and would like to see the whole film.

Except that was the whole film.

I hope that 1 day Mila decides to put her whole cannabis / hash life story on video. I know that I ‘m 1 person that would watch it and I know plenty more that would too!

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