10 of the Best Personal Weed Grinders

In our busy lives, few of us have the time to break apart weed like a meditative philosopher pontificating on the trials and tribulations of the world.

Plus the cannabis most of us are smoking is so sticky that we shouldn’t even bother breaking it apart with our hands.

What you need is a grinder that cuts through your sticky-icky buds of bliss, one that sifts out the stuff you don’t need, and also keeps the good stuff (kief) for a rainy day. Then of course some pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled blunt cones to keep things easy.

You could spend all day searching for the right grinder, so we at Custom Cones USA have done the work for you so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite way to consume cannabis. Here is a list of 10 of the best grinders for everyday cannabis lovers. And for those who need to grind a pound a minute, check out our industrial grinder.

#1: Masterdam’s Four-Piece Grinder, $24.95

One of the moderately expensive grinders on the market is the Four-Piece Grinder from Masterdam. Unlike the majority of grinders that are made of zinc alloy, this grinder is one of the cheaper options of those grinders made from aluminum. Its teeth are diamond-shaped and curvy, which grinds potent flower into ultra-fine THC dust.

#2: Kingtop’s Large Four-Piece Grinder, $13.99

Sleek, black and efficient, Kingtop’s Four-Piece Grinder fits in your palm or in your pocket; although it’s ideal for when you need to break up larger amounts of (legal) cannabis. This grinder includes a magnetic cap, 45 teeth of pure grinding ability, a mesh screen for amassing potent kief, and a catch tray.

#3: Aerospaced’s Four-Piece Grinder with Handle, $27.99

A four-piece grinder with a fun handle, Aerospaced’s Four-Piece Grinder with Handle is all about mechanization and efficiency. It comes with a hand crank that makes you guess why other grinders aren’t as easy to use. The crank moves a set of sharp blades that grind up even the most sticky of cannabis flower and sends the best parts down to the mesh screen. One of the coolest elements of the Aerospaced grinder is that you get to see the actual grinding process happening before your eyes because of its clear top.

#4: Santa Cruz’s Four-Piece Shredder, $49.50

Bring a little luxury into your life with Santa Cruz’s Four-Piece Shredder, one that comes with an impressive, artfully crafted tooth design. It literally shreds even the most fluffy flower into a compartment that is sealed with strong magnets. Plus it comes in 10 different colors.

#5: iRainy’s Five-Piece Grinder, $8.69

An inexpensive, dependable grinder that gets the job done, iRainy’s Five-Piece Grinder comes with two mesh screens ideal for piling up kief, plus a scraper so you don’t drop or waste your precious ganja. For less than a gram of good herb at a dispensary, you can purchase the iRainy while saving money in the long run.

#6: Mendo Mulcher’s Small Two-Piece Grinder, $21.99

A micro-sized personal grinder, Mendo Mulcher Two-Piece Grinder is made from the kind of billet aluminum used to make aircraft. It’s just 1.75 inches in diameter and is ideal for travel where recreational or medical cannabis is legal; and though it has great grip, the Mendo Mulcher has only two pieces and no mesh filter. Still, it’s quite useful and one of the best on the market for its price.

#7: Iaso’s Four-Piece Grinder, $129.99

The most expensive on this list is Iaso’s Four-Piece Grinder. Selling for $129.99, this grinder is made of stainless steel. Hence the price. It’s a long-lasting grinder that won’t see a lot of binding or sticking.

#8: Kannastör’s GR8TR V2, $69

With lots of storage and screen that is easily removed, Kannastör’s GR8TR V2 is worth the money. It comes with a pair of grater plates that can be interchanged for easy manipulation of the level of grinding ability you’re going for.

#9: Phoenician’s Four-Piece Grinder, $79.99

One of the more expensive on this list, Phoenician’s Four-Piece Grinder includes medical-grade sharpness, and its grip is one of the best on the market, ideal for those smokers lacking fine motor skills or grace.

 #10: Magic Flight’s Launch Box Grinder, $35

In spending a bit more money on the Magic Flight grinder, you’ll get a grinder that is meant to fit perfectly over the vape that comes with the Launch Box Vape Kit. The point is to avoid a mess, instead making sure that none of your ground-up flower gets wasted along the way. Plus this grinder is artfully carved out of wood to create a healthy, natural feel.

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